Review: DG Adams – Nest Of Vipers

D.G. Adams

DG Adams releases new record Nest Of Vipers featuring uncompromising lyrics, strong production techniques and a penchant for mixing things up. Vancouver-based alt-folk songwriter DG Adams is back with a new record, and with it, he’s once again bearing his soul. Nest Of Vipers is at times hard-hitting and at others contemplative, but always featuring … Read more

Single Review: Lauren Waller – Quicksand

Lauren Waller

Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Waller releases new single Quicksand with an indie-pop sound amongst heavy electro beats. Lauren Waller has a lot to say, and she’s never been one to hold back. Whether it’s about herself or others, music is her medium to set everything out on the table, and new single Quicksand is no … Read more

EP Review: LPX – Junk Of The Heart

LPX Lizzy Plapinger

LPX hit us hard with new EP Junk Of The Heart as artist Lizzy Plapinger uses big sounds against calming influences to create a unique record. Lizzy Plapinger has been busy. Not only is she the lead singer of alternative pop group MS MR, but she’s also decided to release her second EP Junk Of The … Read more

Single Review: Clara Casey – Physical

Clara Casey

Clara Casey releases new single Physical, managing to tame the sensual sound to her will amongst silky synths and big beats. Clara Casey really knows how to get into the listener’s head. Her unique mix of electro-pop against soul-baring lyrics has always left the singer exposed, and it’s this forthcoming nature that makes her songs … Read more

EP Review: Benny Bassett – Words For Yesterday

Benny Bassett

Benny Bassett releases new EP Words For Yesterday focusing on scenarios based around missed opportunities and lost love. Words For Yesterday is the second EP release for alternative singer/songwriter Benny Bassett, and this time he’s really going for it with a full-on emotional assault. Each track on the EP tries to focus on a different … Read more

EP Review: Patrick Ames – All I Do Is Bleed

Patrick Ames

Patrick Ames releases new EP All I Do Is Bleed, managing to create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere throughout the four tracks. Ames has been in the music industry for a long time. Now in his early 60s, the artist has returned to songwriting with new EP All I Do Is Bleed, bringing with him Chana … Read more

Review: Bitter’s Kiss – The Divorce Party Soundtrack

Baker Grace

Chloe Grace Baker gifts us a beautiful and sentimental soundtrack to the movie The Divorce Party, as she bares her soul under the name Bitter’s Kiss. Sometimes in order to open yourself up, you need to have courage, and Chole Grace Baker has shown plenty of this in her soundtrack release of movie, The Divorce … Read more

Single Review: OG Maco – Reach

OG Maco

We take a listen to OG Maco’s single Reach, showing a different side to the rapper who has recently endured a torrid time in his personal life. OG Maco seems to be made from stern stuff. The rapper from Atlanta, Georgia has been off the scene for a few months, and with good cause. It … Read more

Tower Records in Tokyo Opening Vinyl-Only Store

The Japanese have definitely got their priorities right when it comes to vinyl, as music monolith Tower Records designates an entire floor to the format at its flagship store in Tokyo. Japan has always had a love for vinyl, and this news will be greatly received by vinyl fans within the city and tourists alike. The … Read more