Review: Dead Friends 46 – Hardcore

Dead Friends 46

Dead Friends 46 release new record Hardcore, and with it create an energetic punk album backed by an underlying message of angst against heart. Southern Californian Hardcore outfit Dead Friends 46 were only formed in 2015, but they’ve quickly become established into the Orange County punk scene. Relying heavily on an old-skool 80s hardcore punk … Read more

Single Review: Les Techno – Closer Look

Les Techno borrows from the best of the eighties to create a track of confidence and swagger that’s fun and frivolous in equal measure. Les Techno has played and sampled many different types of music throughout his career, and not just as an artist himself, but working with others to bring out the best in … Read more

Single Review: DannyDosha – Kelsey 2

DannyDosha releases new single Kelsey 2, and with it we’re invited into a world of inventive melodies, clever contrasts, and inspired vocals. DannyDosha (Daniel Maurice Barry) was always going to have an eclectic sound to his music. Growing up with a hip-hop producer as an uncle and a cousin as a mix-engineer, he had wide … Read more

Review: Solaya Love – Illustrious

Solaya Love releases new record Illustrious, giving us a peek into her eighties obsession that’s brought bang up to date with strong production and a passion for EDM. Solaya has always enjoyed her music since childhood, and not just listening, but figuring out how it all works. When she was young she’d have dreams of … Read more