Looking For Vinyl In Colombia

records and player

I recently booked a trip to Colombia to take in its vast heritage and beautiful sights and sounds. And while I was there, why not look for some record stores? With flight ticket in hand, I was off to Colombia. It might not be the first travel destination on everyone’s list, but for me, it’s … Read more

Review: American High – U.N. Article 14

American High release new album U.N Article 14, and with it put forward their 60s and 90s influenced sound with a social conscience. If bands can keep one foothold on the past, it can do wonders for the music. You can learn from some of the greats, yourself to be influenced by their sounds, and … Read more

Review: Adam Rose – Gates Wide Open

Adam Rose

After reviewing Adam Rose’s record Levitate The Base last month, we take a listen to his other recent release, Gates Wide Open. As you can see from our previous review of Adam Rose’s Levitate The Base, it scored a decent 3/5. The music was solid, and it had tonnes of passion throughout. The only thing … Read more

Single Review: Lillimure – WDYTM


Lillimure hits us with new track WDYTM, creating a beautiful summer anthem amongst heartache, effervescent vocals, and Soul Pop connotations. She may be young, but it already feels like Lillimure’s musical style is solid. Many artists take a while to figure out their sound, but the singer/songwriter from New York is perfectly at ease with … Read more

Review: Brave – the calm | the storm


Brave return with new full-length record the calm | the storm, and with it bring an album playing on both the heavy and the serene, with an impressive mix of genres. Sometimes, when a band has an extended break from releasing music, they lose that special something. Life happens, interests wane and priorities change. This … Read more