Welcome to Vinyl Chapters

Nearly everyone has been influenced by music at some point in their lives, and as humans we all share a common affinity with it. We’re moved by it, reminded by it, perform with it, or discuss it in conversations with friends and family. Vinyl Chapters aims to bring these stories to life through the power of social media and the internet.


What is Vinyl Chapters?

Vinyl Chapters is a labour of love through music, photography, and stories. We collect pictures of people with a record, and listen to the reasons behind why they chose it. We want to find out what the record means to you, what feelings it brings up, where you were when you got it, how old you were; we want to know anything that makes it personal to you.  To have a window into how music plays an important part in people’s lives is a wonderful thing, and we hope that you, the reader, enjoy finding out about these stories as much as we do. It’s introduced us to some truly amazing music and people, so we thank all of our current and future Vinyl Chapters for helping us discover something new behind the music.

On top of this we are also a place where you can enjoy the latest music reviews, news and interviews to help quench your thirst for anything music or vinyl related.

Music is fascinating in how it can affect people in so many different ways, and Vinyl Chapters is the perfect way to share these great stories with everyone. Whether it’s an album, a song, or even an intro or riff that conjures up feelings and memories within you, we want to hear about it and share it with the world.

Why Vinyl?

There’s something very special about vinyl. When the needle touches down and a wall of sound is released from nothing but grooves, it gives a real sense of physicality you just don’t get with digital downloads or other formats. You can touch it, smell it, and you have a huge canvas of creativity in the album cover and record sleeves. Art and vinyl go hand in hand to create a music format that’s stood the test of time, and when this is coupled with portraits of people and their stories, it allows us to encompass everything we love into one entity.

How can I help?

By enjoying the website, reading the stories, liking the photos, and spreading the word! If you would like to contribute to Vinyl Chapters, please head over to the submission page to find out more.