New Music Fridays – 15th November 2019

Nat Vazer

This week’s New Music Fridays is one of the most rock-orientated ones we’ve had in a while. There are guitars aplenty as we’re taken from grungy undertones to full out rock and roll with a little bit of sweet innocence … Read more

New Music Fridays – 8th November 2019

Happy Friday! This week’s 4 tracks sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of catchy rhythms, settled melodies and just generally well-written songs. From brash blues to passionate soul, each track manages to stand out on its own merits … Read more

New Music Fridays – 1st November 2019

The Caracals

A new month, a new bunch of tracks for you to enjoy! This week’s New Music Fridays is a ragtag bunch of different genres, including the best of British sounds to incandescent psyche-pop to dark-indie dance. As always, click the … Read more

Digging for Gold #5: Thanks, Miles Davis

Digging Selection

A common theme that you’ll read in the Digging for Gold column is keeping in touch with your contacts, and constantly trying to add new ones to increase your chances of adding great records to your collection. Past articles have … Read more

New Music Fridays – 25th October 2019

Tidal Babes

Welcome, once again, to New Music Fridays. Today we have a real treat for you, and although Halloween is on the horizon, there won’t be any scares here, just good, honest music. Surf Rock, psychedelic soundscapes and pretty nostalgia are … Read more

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Vinyl Records

Wu-Tang Clan vinyl - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

Vinyl really is fascinating. Now deemed as one of the longest surviving music formats still regularly used, we thought you might enjoy five vinyl facts you may never have known that will make you love records even more. From the … Read more

New Music Fridays – 18th October 2019

Basement Revolver

Another working week is almost over, so kick off your shoes, take a seat and listen to our four chosen tracks for this week’s New Music Fridays. From dreamy country-rock to ambient drone bluegrass we’ve got a real eclectic mix … Read more