Review: Voyce Memos – Catching Me In Stride

Voyce Memos

Voyce Memos release new record Catching Me In Stride, calling on decades gone by for inspiration and filling in the gaps with synth-laden sounds. Looking inside yourself for inspiration is difficult for some bands. That’s why you get a lot of ‘empty’ music devoid of emotion and instead focussing on the ego or lyrics that … Read more

EP Review: Badari – Dream Journal


Hip-hop artist Badari returns after a long hiatus with new EP Dream, working through his problems using lyrics and melody as his remedies. Badari has come a long way since his beginnings in the music industry. Starting at the age of 18 in 2011, he released his From Start To Finish mixtape to critical acclaim. … Read more

Review: Annamay – F*ck You


Debut record F*ck You from Annamay is not as confronting as the title suggests, but still manages to throw out some melodic and message-laden tunes. Annamay has always been one to wear her heart on her sleeve. New record F*ck You is a testament to this, flitting from lyrics based around life’s challenges and experiences … Read more

Review: Ivan Beecroft: Liars, Freaks & Fools

Ivan Beecroft

Ivan Beecroft takes us on a nostalgic and defiant tour of punk and prog rock with new album Liars, Freaks & Fools. Not being one for the mainstream, Ivan Beecroft is perfectly at home with his punk roots and DIY attitude. New album Liars, Freaks & Fools is a testament to this, featuring a defiant … Read more

Single Review: The Other Life – Moody


New single Moody from The Other Life manages to dance between decades, and includes two remixes that broaden the appeal. Swedish Electronic Pop Dance outfit The Other Life have steadily been making headway in the music scene, and new single Moody is a testament to this. The pre-released remixes – having had airplay on some … Read more

EP Review: Versal – Self-Titled


Debut self-titled EP from Versal features beautifully put together tracks that allows the music to work its way into your consciousness and stay. Versal is the musical alias of Houston-based musician and producer Javier Velez. His self-titled debut sees him putting his studies of harmony, composition and orchestration into practice, and with it he’s really … Read more

Review: DG Adams – Nest Of Vipers

D.G. Adams

DG Adams releases new record Nest Of Vipers featuring uncompromising lyrics, strong production techniques and a penchant for mixing things up. Vancouver-based alt-folk songwriter DG Adams is back with a new record, and with it, he’s once again bearing his soul. Nest Of Vipers is at times hard-hitting and at others contemplative, but always featuring … Read more

Single Review: Lauren Waller – Quicksand

Lauren Waller

Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Waller releases new single Quicksand with an indie-pop sound amongst heavy electro beats. Lauren Waller has a lot to say, and she’s never been one to hold back. Whether it’s about herself or others, music is her medium to set everything out on the table, and new single Quicksand is no … Read more