Review: American High – U.N. Article 14

American High release new album U.N Article 14, and with it put forward their 60s and 90s influenced sound with a social conscience. If bands can keep one foothold on the past, it can do wonders for the music. You … Read more

Single Review: Scotty Seed – Single

Scotty Seed

Scotty Seed hits us with three tracks as a single release, each song delivering on the artist’s unique approach to changing genres at the drop of a hat. Scotty has always been about trying out new ideas and using sub-genres … Read more

Review: Adam Rose – Gates Wide Open

Adam Rose

After reviewing Adam Rose’s record Levitate The Base last month, we take a listen to his other recent release, Gates Wide Open. As you can see from our previous review of Adam Rose’s Levitate The Base, it scored a decent … Read more

Single Review: Lillimure – WDYTM


Lillimure hits us with new track WDYTM, creating a beautiful summer anthem amongst heartache, effervescent vocals, and Soul Pop connotations. She may be young, but it already feels like Lillimure’s musical style is solid. Many artists take a while to … Read more

Review: Brave – the calm | the storm


Brave return with new full-length record the calm | the storm, and with it bring an album playing on both the heavy and the serene, with an impressive mix of genres. Sometimes, when a band has an extended break from … Read more

Review: Acidic Base – Purple Skies

Acidic Base

We take a listen to debut record Purple Skies from Acidic Base, as it tries to combine an Electronic/House sound with keen improvisation and strong melodies. I don’t know what you were doing when you were 12 years old, but … Read more

Review: Norine Braun – Through Train Windows

Noreen Braun

Norine Braun’s new record Through Train Windows gives the listener a glimpse into the singer-songwriter’s world, full of heartfelt stories and interesting melodies. What’s a better way to get inspiration for an album than taking a 6000 kilometer train journey? … Read more