Review: Ian Brown – Ripples

Ian Brown

We take a listen to new record Ripples from Ian Brown, bringing with it an eclectic mix of genres wrapped around tailored vocals. Ever since the reunion of Ian Brown’s band The Stone Roses in 2011, people have been wondering … Read more

Single Review: Zoe Wakelam – 1815

Zoe Wakelam

London-based singer/songwriter Zoe Wakelam’s single 1815 gives us a glimpse into her soul, all set against bright and addictive melodies. Folk songs are everywhere these days, and what separates the better tracks from the crowd is usually the lyrical content. … Read more

Review: Eddy Yang – In The City

Eddy Yang

Eddy Yang releases new track In The City, embracing indie rock connations against pop production techniques. Many artists are inspired by their surroundings when writing music, and that’s exactly what happened with Eddie Yang for the new track, In The City. Although … Read more

Review: Daggerplay – Subterranean Reality


Daggerplay return with new record Subterranean Reality, injecting some well needed fun back into the punk sound in an upbeat and guitar driven record. The 90s were renowned for that American punk sound, but it seems to have slowly ebbed … Read more

Review: American High – U.N. Article 14

American High release new album U.N Article 14, and with it put forward their 60s and 90s influenced sound with a social conscience. If bands can keep one foothold on the past, it can do wonders for the music. You … Read more

Single Review: Scotty Seed – Single

Scotty Seed

Scotty Seed hits us with three tracks as a single release, each song delivering on the artist’s unique approach to changing genres at the drop of a hat. Scotty has always been about trying out new ideas and using sub-genres … Read more

Review: Adam Rose – Gates Wide Open

Adam Rose

After reviewing Adam Rose’s record Levitate The Base last month, we take a listen to his other recent release, Gates Wide Open. As you can see from our previous review of Adam Rose’s Levitate The Base, it scored a decent … Read more