Review: Brave – the calm | the storm


Brave return with new full-length record the calm | the storm, and with it bring an album playing on both the heavy and the serene, with an impressive mix of genres. Sometimes, when a band has an extended break from … Read more

Review: Acidic Base – Purple Skies

Acidic Base

We take a listen to debut record Purple Skies from Acidic Base, as it tries to combine an Electronic/House sound with keen improvisation and strong melodies. I don’t know what you were doing when you were 12 years old, but … Read more

Review: Norine Braun – Through Train Windows

Noreen Braun

Norine Braun’s new record Through Train Windows gives the listener a glimpse into the singer-songwriter’s world, full of heartfelt stories and interesting melodies. What’s a better way to get inspiration for an album than taking a 6000 kilometer train journey? … Read more

EP Review: Damon Mitchell – Elise

Damon Mitchell

Damon Mitchell offers up an interesting mix of 70s folk/pop with new record Elise, full of honest  insights and clever flourishes. Damon Mitchell has never been afraid to pay homage to his heroes throughout his music. His songs are littered … Read more

Review: Imagination Movers – 10-4

Imagination Movers

Family friendly rock sensation Imagination Movers return with new record 10-4, offering up more tracks for the whole family to enjoy, together. Emmy Award winning band Imagination Movers might be a group that people without kids haven’t heard of, but … Read more

Review: Bobbie Marrone – Lonely St.

Bobbie Marrone

Bobbie Marrone returns with new record Lonely St, treating the listener to a plethora of simple but addictive ideas that benefit from strong musicianship. If you’re going to be a singer/songwriter, you’ve got to be prepared to wear your heart … Read more

Review: Sam Fishman – End Of Time

Sam Fishman

Sam Fishman takes us on an epic journey with new record End Of Time, featuring fascinating commentary pieces spliced between progressive rock-based tracks. Sam Fishman has always had a penchant for not going by the book, and his new record … Read more

Review: Sound Strider – Occult Electric

Sound Strider

Sound Strider returns with new record Occult Electric, creating an impressive mix of spacey electronica and synthesized soundscapes. Musician Sam Waks (the face of Sound Strider) has been on his vibrant electronic journey since the early 2000s when he learned … Read more

Review: Adam Rose – Levitate The Base

Adam Rose

Adam Rose releases new record Levitate The Base, featuring a mixture of psychedelic rock, 80s melodies and strong musicianship. Adam Rose really loves the guitar. As soon as you start listening to new record Levitate The Base, that’s the first … Read more