New Music Fridays – July 19th 2019

Weekly Playlist

Welcome, friends to our weekly taste of new music from upcoming, unsigned or new bands that have caught our attention!  I don’t know why, but our choices this week all seem to feature a really nice and sunny disposition. Perhaps … Read more

The Time Is Now For Kit Sebastian

Kit Sebastian

The extraordinary sounds of Kit Sebastian, a band whose time has come. There are moments in pop music when an artist seizes an opportunity on the back of aggressive marketing and others when the inherent majesty of a sound or … Read more

New Music Fridays – July 12th 2019


Another Friday means another chance to find your new favourite artist! Below we’ve picked up 4 tracks from a mix of new, upcoming or unsigned artists that have hit our inbox this week and we think deserve a bit of … Read more

New Music Fridays – July 5th 2019

Welcome to Vinyl Chapter’s new feature, ‘New Music Fridays’. We’ve always loved finding and making our readership aware of any new, upcoming, or unsigned artists, so we thought we’d start a new Friday feature dedicated to them. Below you’ll find … Read more

Retro Soundtracks: A look back at 1998’s Godzilla


In the spring of 1998, Hollywood was all abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming release of the sure-fire blockbuster, Godzilla.  Released on May 20th, 1998, this was the first Godzilla film in the long-running Japanese Toho franchise to be set, … Read more