Review: Conor Oberst – Ruminations (Vinyl Edition)

Conor’s new solo record is full of the usual poetic skill and imagery you’d expect from the artist, and arguably see’s him reach deeper than ever into his psyche. If you’re a fan of Conor Oberst’s music, you’ll know that it’s famed for being littered with depressive connotations; the singer has suffered with depression throughout … Read more

My Vietnamese Vinyl Adventure

Long Play Bar Vietnam

Recently I took a two-week trip to Vietnam. I’d been desperate to visit for ages, hearing only good things about the country’s friendly people, its amazing scenery and a rich but troubled history. As I’m always up for a bit of travelling, my girlfriend and I decided to start in the south of the country, … Read more

Review: The Kills: Ash & Ice (Vinyl Deluxe Edition)

The Kills have always been on the cusp of the mainstream, and I think that’s the best place to be. It allows more musical freedom than being constantly in the public eye, and in most cases allows the artist to produce music that’s less pressured to stick to format. The Kills are renowned for fiddling … Read more

Vinyl vs. Streaming: Should There Be A Competition?

Music is a funny old business. Trends come and go, bands are hot then not, and the ways we listen to music constantly change with time. If you told someone in the 60s that in the future we’d have tiny devices we carry around with us that send thousands of songs instantly to your ears, … Read more

Cheap Vinyl: 5 Places To Find Those Bargain Records

Everyone likes a bargain, and there’s nothing better than stumbling across a cheap vinyl record that you’ve had your eye on for a while. With the rising prices of Vinyl due to its recent surge in popularity, it’s good to know there are still places out there you can hunt down cheap used records, and … Read more