Single Review: Lillimure – WDYTM

Lillimure hits us with new track WDYTM, creating a beautiful summer anthem amongst heartache, effervescent vocals, and Soul Pop connotations.

She may be young, but it already feels like Lillimure’s musical style is solid. Many artists take a while to figure out their sound, but the singer/songwriter from New York is perfectly at ease with hers, revelling in the soul/pop melodies that suit her vocals perfectly. At 19 years old she still has a long career ahead of her, and if new single WDYTM (this stands for ‘why do you tease me’ if you were wondering) is anything to go by, this artist is going to go far.

WDYTM kicks in with Lillimure’s silky vocals amongst a floaty backing track and gentle chords. Suddenly, a fully funk/pop sound strikes and we can really feel what the track’s about. The beats and rhythms remind of Estelle and Kanye West track American Boy, with a little sprinkling of Daft Punk thrown in for good measure. The difference is, Lillymure makes it rightly her own by featuring some strong vocal work and personal lyrical content:  “was it worth it to hurt me coz I never did you wrong”. The singer appears to be growing up in front of our eyes as the track progresses, learning to cope with disappointment and letting things wash over her. As many artists do, she’s using the track as therapy to clear her head.


The chorus is catchy as hell with trumpets gently used to great effect, and at one point, the singer shouting out ‘you’re full of it!” before the chorus dutifully kicks in. The summer-laden production perfectly suits the singers style with little flourishes such as a bass riff here or a piano tinkle there to really brighten up the track and keep it interesting.

What’s also good is how the song mixes genres with ease. It could be played at a busy club and revellers would take to it. Equally, it could be played in the background as you make dinner, listened to in the car on your way to work, or to wake you up in the morning before your first coffee; it’s one of those songs that works in every situation.

WDYTM is an ultra-catchy track that you’ll be singing to yourself way after it’s ended. It has a certain finesse in melody that requires skill to create with the music production tight, clear in direction, and beautifully arranged. The funk/soul/hip-hop hybrid is something that’s been around for a while now, but it’s not always done well. Lillimure has done it extremely well with WDYTM and hopefully she’ll be playing some festivals this year, because this is the place the track would really come alive.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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