New Music Fridays – July 5th 2019

Welcome to Vinyl Chapter’s new feature, ‘New Music Fridays’. We’ve always loved finding and making our readership aware of any new, upcoming, or unsigned artists, so we thought we’d start a new Friday feature dedicated to them. Below you’ll find new tracks from a few up and coming artists that have been put on our radar and we think deserve a bit of recognition. You can listen to their tracks on Spotify by clicking on the album art.


Antiquity – Matamoros


Antiquity is a music project that brings in some of New York’s finest musicians, whilst encompassing a blend of genre’s amongst an indie/jazz sound. Matamoros fuses this jazz/rock with a distinct ‘noir’ vibe, but also adds an interesting pace amongst strong but sultry vocals. The track features a nice build up and manages to create a diverse sound that pulls in a myriad of different genres to help it stand out. 


Palco – Taking Your Time On Me


Palco’s minimalist indie-pop is in full flow on Taking Your Time On Me. Featuring beautifully chilled vocals and melodies, the track saunters along at a pleasing pace as the light and airy vocals take over your mind and space. It’s got that easy listening summer vibe as the lyrics delve into the pursuit of happiness and the willingness to put yourself out there and see what unfolds.


Stray Fossa – Eyze

Stray Fossa

Featuring glimmering garage pop and indie rock, Stray Fossa recorded and produced new single Eyze straight out of their attic in Charlottesville, VA. You wouldn’t know this from the strength in production, however. The track twists and turns around your mind as guitars gradually get more intense and the psychedelic atmosphere grows against indie-pop loveliness. The vocals fit the floaty atmosphere perfectly and the beat keeps everything nice and steady.


Souls Extolled – Garden of Eden

Souls ExtolledFeaturing a hard rock but groovy sound, Souls Extolled is a band enjoying their music. New track Garden of Eden starts off dark and menacing before hitting into a perfectly placed ska sound that shouldn’t work but does. This is smothered by a psychedelic soundscape and vexed lyrics. The overall beat and bass take control of the track and push it forwards in an addictive and hypnotising manner. A unique and interesting blend of genres.


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