Interview: Lucy Spraggan

We speak to Lucy Spraggan about her new album Today Was A Good Day, mental health and working with Scouting For Girls.

Lucy seems to be in a settled place. Her new record Today Was A Good Day has recently been released and it really shows a distinct step forward for the artist (you can read the Vinyl Chapters album review here). With her second slot at Glastonbury festival this summer as well as being in the midst of a UK wide tour, it’s no wonder we find the singer in good form when we spoke to her recently.


What were your main influences for new record Today Was A Good Day?

Content-wise the album is kind of like a journal of the last couple of years. Different experiences and different people inspired parts of each track, so it all came very naturally. I wanted to record to be vibrant and uplifting and I feel like Jon Maguire did a great job on the production.

How do you feel this album differs from your previous record I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing?

It’s definitely a happier album! I suppose the last album tackled a lot of serious topics and had a slower pace; this album is cheery. I want people to feel happier after listening.

Single Stick The Kettle On features Scouting for Girls. How did this collaboration come about?

I kept playing the same festivals as SFG and it became a bit of a running joke between us. I asked Roy [Roy Stride from Scouting For Girls] for his number and we started doing some writing together! I texted him one day asking if he fancied doing a duet… And the rest is history.

Are you performing at any festivals this year? Do you enjoy doing them?

Festivals are my second favourite after headline tours. I love the feeling of having a field full of people with no cares and a few beers down them just having a great time and singing along.

I’m really looking forward to going back to Glastonbury this year, I’m playing the fields of Avalon stage.

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran. He is a superpower, his performance and writing really have set a modern precedent and I’ve got so, so much respect for him.

What’s been your weirdest experience when performing?

I’ve had a very, very sweaty, very old bra thrown on stage. It got stuck on the headstock of my guitar mid-song…

Do you like listening to music on vinyl? If so, what is your favourite record on vinyl and why?

I do. I have a record player at home and love to listen to music from the 60s. I have a record with That Lovely Weekend on it by Geraldine and his orchestra. It sounds impeccable.

Who’s your favourite upcoming artist and why?

I love a band called The Dunwells. They are two brothers from Leeds who have some of the most amazing harmonies and vocal ability I’ve ever heard. Light Up The Sky is a truly brilliant record.

You’ve become a strong advocate for spreading important messages about mental health in recent years. Do you feel people are starting to open up more about this issue, and what more can we do as a society to help?

I feel like there is a movement happening. Over the last few years more and more people are speaking about how they feel and that is so important. I truly feel that talking is the best therapy for your mental state and I am no longer afraid to talk about mine.

If we all spoke more it’d get easier, I think that’s what we should be doing. Just speaking.

From your beginnings starring on the X Factor, you’ve managed to forge out a career in your own right. What advice would you give to any new artists out there wanting to make it in the industry?

I’d say don’t listen to everything everyone says. Do what YOU want to do and believe in yourself. Take your time and be happy.

Lucy Spraggan is currently on her UK tour in support of her new record. You can check out her tour dates here.

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