5 Ways To Transform Your Unwanted Vinyl

Vinyl Chapters writer Poppy Scarlett takes an unconventional look at different ways to transform your unwanted vinyl that you never thought possible. Dig out those damaged records or the ones you don’t listen to anymore and give these a go!


Now, we all know that vinyl is an incredible way to listen to our most treasured artist or genre of music. But what if there were OTHER ways to celebrate the presence of vinyl? Well, I certainly have some news for you!


Magazine Holder

With that super edgy coffee table and record player there needs to be the many monthly releases of music magazines you’ve collected along the way, right? If you have records that you no longer wish to grace your ears with or they’ve simply lost all ability to work under the needle, then there’s a few simple steps you can take to transform them into a magazine holder.

Image courtesy of thriftyfun.com


Essentially you take the chosen record and place it into a pan of boiling water, which then softens the disc so it’s ready for moulding with the tray. Although obvious, this process has to be treated with the upmost caution. A similar amount of care to when you’re placing the needle on and off the record with the shakiest of hands! To see a far more detailed description of the arty process that leads to the rebirth of your vinyl as an interior masterpiece, click on this link to take you to thriftyfun.com.



If décor isn’t exactly your strong point and, like many of us, you have duplicates of records (you may have eagerly purchased it from a store and a month later were surprised with a gift of the same one) there are other glorious options! Yep, we’ve all been there and no one has the heart to admit that they now have two copies of Red Hot Chili’s newest album or received a duff copy of something from a record fair that sounds like a cat’s claws have been scraped over the record. You can take the disc and evolve the single or album into a beautiful bracelet or pair of earrings that screaaam an alternative fashion statement! The best place to absorb more knowledge on this process is Pinterest, for sure! There are thousands of fantastic posts on how to decorate your wrists with chunky vinyl cuffs. If you’re extremely enticed by this recycling remedy you can mooch on over to this link  for a small step by step guide from ehow.com. There’s nothing like a bit of the old DIY.


Tables, coasters, clocks and more!

Let’s skip back to that bloomin’ edgy coffee table that the record player perches regally on. Maybe, just maybe, the TABLE could be made out of the unwanted vinyl that requires a purpose in life! It doesn’t stop there either… I know, amazing! You can accessorise the record-worshipping corners with coasters made out of vinyl love! I’m assuming you know just what part becomes the coaster? Take the label placed at the middle of the record, cut it down and tadaaaah! NO. MORE. CUP. RINGS. The clock idea doesn’t involve breaking your beloved disc apart but it’s quite a complex process so just for a heads up; the clock creating method will follow with a tonne of thought, research and time … (no pun intended). Yet it’s so worth it! Once again and not to sound like a parrot… Pinterest’s mood boards for this sort of interior miracle are fantastic, and they hold links that bring you to step-by-step methods. If you want to head there now and transform your records then try out this link.



With intent I’ve saved the best two until last. So, at number four on the list is a mobile. No no no, not the phone type; an actual mobile that drapes from the ceiling! Initially, whenever I think of a mobile I imagine it to have farm animals on it spinning above a cot, but a vinyl mobile is a beautiful attribute to any home. With a simple way to create your own, you can really go to town with it; we all have that hidden artist bursting to be revealed. To discover more about this little wonder scroll down to number 2 at viralnova.com.



And finally, number five is a décor feature I desire oh so bad! Not necessarily using the record itself, but you can take the album sleeves from your vinyl and fold them into diamond halves to place onto string, rope or ribbon to make BUNTING! Vinyl bunting is a real thing! I have always been a push over for anything that’s festival related coming from Suffolk, where the summer is filled with village green fests and what not. So, when having a browse and coming across this incredible idea I was eager to try it myself. If you want to try it, make sure you have enough sleeves for it to span across a wall; this looks a lot better than just a simple few. For now here is a lovely little picture of someone’s bunting who really knows what they’re doing.


Image courtesy of Pinterest
Image courtesy of Pinterest


So there we have it! 5 unique and very very unconventional ways to save the unwanted vinyl and recycle it in a way that still celebrates how brilliant they are. If you follow the ideas from this article up it would be fab to see snaps of the successes. Tweet, FB or Instagram Vinyl Chapters at the usual places. Good luck!

By Poppy Scarlett

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