Single Review: Zoe Wakelam – 1815

London-based singer/songwriter Zoe Wakelam’s single 1815 gives us a glimpse into her soul, all set against bright and addictive melodies.

Folk songs are everywhere these days, and what separates the better tracks from the crowd is usually the lyrical content. With this in mind, Zoe Wakeman’s single 1815 does admirably well to satisfy anybody who is soul searching, providing strong and relatable lyrical content that’s set against a playful melody to boot.


Starting off with that folky-pop vibe made famous by Mumford and Sons, Wakelam ponders love, lost chances and why an emotion that’s so simple is always so difficult to deal with. “I wish that love could be 1+1 is 2” she sings with a heavy heart. The lyrics gradually build up a story that starts out in the year 1815, based around how the singer could potentially find love in the circumstances of each time frame. These musings are all put up against a gentle bass drum beat and plucky acoustic guitar. Its simple but drives the story track forward, allowing the listener to focus on Wakelam’s words and really take them all in.

The layered vocals also offer another level to the track as questions of the soul are discussed, and really help bring out the gentle quirks and rhythms of the singer’s voice. It all sounds very honest, with the listener able to hear Wakelam pour her heart out to anyone that will listen in a very endearing way.

1815 is a great take on the age-old problem of how to tackle love. Its light and airy melody is the perfect contrast to the soulful lyrics, and this allows the artist to give more substance to the track as it comes to its conclusion. Simple but effective, and addictively catchy.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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