Single Review: Lord Sonny The Unifier – Right In Your I!

Lord Sonny

We take a listen to new Lord Sonny The Unifier track ‘Right In Your I!’ and with it we’re treated to a rollicking, dirty anthem that stands up for the innocent.

Who doesn’t love a good dirty synth rock song? Well, when it’s done well at least. Luckily, Lord Sonny The Unifier really do hit the nail on the head with new track Right In Your I!, and perhaps this is because of the underlying theme the track follows. It seems to stand up for those who need it, those that are being bullied or suffering at the hands of someone else, and do this by sticking two fingers up to the aforementioned aggressors. This angle is once again highlighted in the music video (see below) which perfectly shows off the anger, pain and suffering, and yearning for justice this form of torture can take on in youth, or adulthood.

Right In Your I!

The band perform the task of changing this idea into music admirably, as Right In Your I! Is psychedelic and loud right from the off, intermittently settling down for moments of reflection. Greg Tiratano’s gruff but always fitting vocals are almost two voices in their own, sharing this quality with the likes of The Clash’s Joe Strummer. The vocals are always on point and help bring the music together. Dirty guitar solos litter the track with clever production to make sure every instrument has its chance in the forefront, and although heavily influenced by 60s and 70s (I’m looking at you Marc Bolan), there are also some more up to date influences present – The Coral, Ludes (probably little known these days but share affinities), and 90s stalwarts Supergrass. These are, peculiarly, all British Bands, whereas Lord Sonny The Unifier are primarily based in New York – but who doesn’t like being influenced by British rock stars? It is the home of the Beatles and Stones after all.

The single is beautifully constructed and you can tell it was a real passion to create. The thumping drums drive the track on, but also find time to bridge the gap between musical changes in mind-altering sections that really make the track stand out.

Right In Your I! Is a triumph of blending past psychedelic rock genres with flourishes of new ideas that help the track become a beast of its own. The band should be proud of what this track stands for, and it’s the perfect release to show off the bands talents and grow new fans for their new record Final Notice!.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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