Single Review: Lauren Waller – Quicksand

Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Waller releases new single Quicksand with an indie-pop sound amongst heavy electro beats.

Lauren Waller has a lot to say, and she’s never been one to hold back. Whether it’s about herself or others, music is her medium to set everything out on the table, and new single Quicksand is no different. With its shady synths and distinct indie-pop sound, Lauren boldly sings about her own confidence, flaws, and the power struggle in relationships.

The track slowly kicks in with dark 80s synths that remind of soundtracks from movies like Blade Runner or Total Recall – the Dystopian future dynamic is cleverly used from the beginning to set up the atmosphere. This, however, is quickly and cleverly flipped on its head as Lauren’s vocals take over to brighten up the track amidst pleasant melodies and beats. Lyrics based around power in relationships and the singer’s internal struggle with feelings of blame is a constant theme throughout.  It’s not all doom and gloom though; there’s also a feeling of empowerment and dynamism about the track as Waller confidently confides in the listener her assertiveness amongst big sounds and slick lyrics: “I’m just a pretty girl in this world your my silly boy, yeah your my toy you bring me joy.”


Subtle piano intermittently follows the rhythm of Waller’s vocals making for a pleasant effect; this leads up to a chorus that brings everything together nicely and allows Waller to really throw out those vocals loud and proud. It screams Regina Spektor in places, but still has that little something that is all Lauren.

Instead of being just a basic love song, Lauren has managed to make Quicksand more complex with a nature of duplicity – not only focusing on varying themes on relationships but also how this affects her mood. Her skills as a songwriter have risen the song to another level with the artist’s confidence paying a huge part in making an interesting and layered track that works really well.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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