Single Review: Clara Casey – Physical

Clara Casey releases new single Physical, managing to tame the sensual sound to her will amongst silky synths and big beats.

Clara Casey really knows how to get into the listener’s head. Her unique mix of electro-pop against soul-baring lyrics has always left the singer exposed, and it’s this forthcoming nature that makes her songs stand out amongst the crowd. New single Physical once again follows this trend as Casey takes us on an emotional journey backed up by the sensual ambience and infectious bass lines.

Silky electro sounds start off the track before Casey’s powerful and expressive vocals slide over the synths to great effect. The beats jump and pulse their way around as lyrics of lust and longing provide impressive conjunctions into the singer’s mindset. Her vulnerable personality is revealed as clever wordplay describes situations everyone’s been in and can relate to on one level or another: “with the look you gave to me you pulled my heartstrings and you made me want to do things”.


The track’s seductive atmosphere sets the scene with synths reminding of a late 90s sound, but the production techniques used bringing it bang up to date; this is a tough technique to get right, but Casey has managed to perform it admirably. With gentle nods to artists like Portishead and Estelle, the track’s hypnotizing effect continues to hold the listener throughout as gentle nods to jazz work well against a walking bass line.  

You get the feeling it’s been tough for the singer to reveal so much of herself with Physical, but she’s managed to do this subtly and skillfully amongst sublime synths and strong beats. The sensual sound shows an artist confident in her own skin and the way she makes it feel all so easy is a compliment to a well-written track. Clara Casey is going from strength to strength with each release, which leaves us looking forward to a full album release.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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