Resurrection Fern: Savanna – Single Review

Resurrection Fern releases new single Savanna, focusing on gentle ebbs and flows that are perfectly accompanied by floaty vocals.

Resurrection Fern could be said to be something of a trailblazer. At present, she is one of a handful of artists that have been successful by releasing music on streaming site Twitch. This takes her music beyond the smaller reach of local bars and cafes, allowing a global fanbase that has reacted well to her music and enabled her to fund a previous LP. New single Savanna was written by a close friend of Ferns and will be part of her upcoming EP which is also funded through her Twitch community platform.

Resurrection Fern - Savanna

Opening with a crowded and bustling room sampled in the background, we hear gentle guitar plinks before Fern’s floaty and warmly-toned vocals slide in. The track Saunters forwards in a gentle atmosphere with bass and drums slowly added to the mix to fill out the sound in a subtle way that still allows the track to breathe. 

The lyrics may not say much throughout, relying upon repetition than a heap of lyrics; maybe the reason for this was to not overwork the subtle atmosphere of the track. To counteract this the vocal variety of Fern’s style allows each line she sings to feel different to the last. This means that when the lyrics do change, you really tune in to what’s being said, and it’s mostly deep with a twist of sincerity: “You left me there stranded at sea with nothing left but rosary, you say God has a plan for me, well I believe in God but not in destiny.”

What Savanna does well is to seep into your mind and gradually grab attention without you realising. It’s one of those tracks that will float around for a while and you’ll suddenly hear yourself humming it a couple of hours later without realising. Fern has a beautiful voice that reacts to the track really well, and it’s the sign of a good artist who is not only able to write her own songs but make tracks written by others her own as well.

Score: 3.5/5

Savanna will be available from 13th September 2019. You can also experience her Twitch community by following the Twitch Channel.

By Jamie Parmenter

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