New Music Fridays – July 26th 2019

This week on New Music Fridays we’re all about those folky, singer-songwriters. It’s always been a notoriously difficult genre of music to break into, but the following artists that have hit our radar this week have shown us that little something extra that really makes them stand out. As always, ‘click the pic’ to be taken to where you can hear the tracks in their entirety.


Wildwood Kin – Beauty In Your Brokenness

Wildwood Kin - Beauty In Your BrokennessFresh off the back of performing at Glastonbury, Wildwood Kin’s message of self-acceptance continues with the haunting ballad, Beauty In Your Brokenness. It has all the heartbreak and melodies of Fleetwood Mac in their prime. It comes from a hard place for the band, touching on a deeply personal subject of band member Meg Loney’s brother who sadly committed suicide. Acoustic guitar dances over the track as the vocals portray an all too real emotion that brings the track alive and helps the melodies live on long after the track has finished. 


Lotte Walda – Good Old Days

Lotte Walder - Good Old DaysHailing from The Netherlands, Lotte Walda has a bright future ahead of her. Good Old Days has an intimate but fun country sound that is difficult not to fall in love with. It’s quirky and light sound really brings out a sparkle in the singer/songwriter’s vocals as the track gradually saunters along at its own pace without a care in the world. The slide guitar and brass tie everything together in a big ol’ country bow as Lotte sings of wonderful times and serenity. Sit back, relax and just watch life go by as you listen.


Madeleine Kelson – Siren

Madeleine Kelson - SirenA Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Madeleine has been singing and writing original songs from the age of 12. Track, Siren has a 90s chillout vibe about it as acoustic guitar gently swells against strings and gentle drums. Her vocals are sultry enough to bring out sincerity in the track, which grows in stature as the song rolls on. The strings eventually take on a more dominant role, even getting a nice solo before everything rises in a crescendo of sound and folk-pop. A great advert for how to build a track that works as both subtle and powerful.


Brothers Page – Warrior Love

Brothers Page - Warrior LoveWarrior Love is the 3rd original release from the New York-based brothers with their electro-folk sound really starting to gain traction. Warrior Love tells a story, as all great folk songs do, about finding love, finding your place in the world, and balancing everything in your life. The lyrics come from a heartfelt place and you can hear a real sincerity in the vocals as the melodies grow into the track. The production allows the electro undertones to breath, but never takes away from the overall singer-songwriter vibe that is thrown forward by a pulsating beat.  

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