New Music Fridays – 6th September 2019

Happy Friday! As always, just before the weekend, we bring you our top 4 tracks of the week from up and coming artists. This week sees us sample an eclectic mix of styles with each artist able to put their own unique stamp on the genre they’re taking on. As always ‘click the pic’ to be taken to the music.


The Classic Hunt – Camazotz

CamazotzRecorded by the five-piece ‘psychedelic-folk-rock-jazz-blues’ band based out of Philadelphia, track Camazotz is something of a daydream. The track ebbs and flows through a rhythm provided by gritty guitar while the rest of the band stamp their own authority on the track at different times, whether it be scratchy Joe Strummer-esque vocals or a lucid guitar solo. Taking its namesake from a planet in children’s novel A Wrinkle In Time, the song has all the dizzying ego and eccentricity the book possesses as it wanders around with a distinctly live feel that’s hard not to enjoy.


Emma Grace – Take It All Back

Emma GraceChicago born singer/songwriter Emma Grace’s unapologetically honest music highlights her strength in character and penchant for the unusual.  Take it all back is an eclectic mix of gentle acoustic rhythms that twist and turn into something larger and more menacing as the track continues. The plinking baritone ukulele takes on a life of its own as other instruments are added, guitars get fuzzy and Emma’s vocals get bigger and brasher as she shouts out “I forgot how to feel, why don’t you remind me?”. Quite the statement of intent.


Pretavita – Backyard Freestyle

PetravitaHip hop artist Petravita was born in Seattle, pushed on a stage for the first time in England and currently living in Sweden. Perhaps this is why track Backyard Freestyle is so eclectically brilliant. With a sunny disposition and sound, the light and airy lyrics are a breath of fresh air as bars throw the track forwards amongst comedic self-depreciation, coming of age stories and wrapped in effortless technique. The live sound helps bring out the atmosphere of the track and the catchy beats will leave you wanting more. 


Lank and the Shanks – Boiler Room

Lank and the ShanksWhat start’s off with sweet beginnings and perfectly rooted vocals quickly becomes heavier and more distinct as guitars hijack the track and lead the song in a different direction. Boiler Room’s gentle back and forth of heavy and solemn works really well and the vocals cope well under the pressure of two distinct styles. Each section of the track is different from the last, keeping the listener intrigued as to where it will go next. Interesting ideas and great production.

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