New Music Fridays – 23rd August 2019

Welcome to the end of the working week! Today’s tracks really are something special, as we focus on a more folky, acoustic sound from some fantastic singer/songwriters that are sure to make even the most hardened soul open up and let those feelings in. With such stripped-back tracks, these artists rely on great songwriting, melodies and lyrics to get their messages across, and they manage to do this with aplomb. As always, ‘click the pics’ to listen to the music. Enjoy! 


Mermaid – Find Me

Find Me really is a pretty track. The two singers met while starring in the Chicago production of Hamilton, where they fell in love with each other, secretly. This track feels like its allowed them to show everyone just how much they mean to each other. Delightful vocals skip and saunter forwards as harmonies tangle, words create beautiful imagery and gentle acoustic guitar ties everything together nicely. Their voices work so well together that their meeting really must have been fate.


David Ellis – Misty Heights

David EllisMisty Heights is the third single from David Ellis’s debut album of the same name, and here we see the London musician open up a world of imagination where he invites the listeners to join him. It’s fast-paced, plinking guitar is perfectly accompanied by a subtle background (bongo?) beat that helps push the track forward as Ellis’s vocals pierce through in a strong but breezy way. The track feels full of optimism which is gradually built upon, making you think of a sun-dripped English forest full of sprites and fairies. Very Midsommer Night’s Dream.


Scott Fisher – Peggy – O

Scott Fisher Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Scott Fisher really takes it old school on track Peggy – O. With a gentle Hammond organ intermittently rearing up amongst subtle guitars and a steady drumbeat, Fisher’s strong and straight to the point vocals cover the track in a ‘lost summer’ vibe of hope and passion of days gone by.  With a nice guitar solo managing to link up any loose ends, the track would sound great travelling down highway 1 as sunlight drips into your convertible making life feel fantastic. 


Zach Kleisinger – Lower Your Book

Zach KleisingerThere appears to be a deep sadness in the Canadian singer-songwriter’s music, and this is only heightened by his deep but powerful vocals amidst lyrics that will get the waterworks going. Lower Your Book sees the singer yearning for the past with a heavy heart amongst playful sliding guitar and wholesome melodies as Hammond organ slowly brings the track out of its shell. The track perfectly plays with the atmosphere knowing when to raise up at the appropriate points, or strip everything back to allow the words to shine through. Impressive work.

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