New Music Fridays – 13th September 2019

We’ve really been hit with a tonne of great music this week in the Vinyl Chapters office. It’s been hard to narrow down, but the four tracks below all feature that little something extra that makes a decent track stand out. From whaling grunge punk to perfectly tailored melodies or funky soul, each track is bound to get your head bopping and your weekend started. As always ‘click the pics’ to listen!


WRENN – Psychosexual

WRENN - PsychosexualWRENN have that ‘quiet grrrl’ punk rock vibe that’s getting really popular at the moment. Lead singer Zoe Mirkovich definitely revels in the sound and has the perfect vocals to take track Psychosexual by the horns: sweet and innocent one minute, full of angst and vigour the next. It builds on subtle waves of punk-pop before hitting us with a chorus that thrives on a wave of hazy guitars and energy-laden brashness – think of a coming-of-age Pixies. This band is going to go far. 


Kristopher James – We Ain’t Never

Kristopher James - We Ain't NeverWe Ain’t Never immediately kicks in with a funky, soulful sound with Kristopher James’ powerful vocals eager to perform, belting out lyrics of love and loss amidst clever imagery. It’s all done with a sincere tongue-in-cheek flavour that never comes off as arrogant – just an artist having the time of his life performing. The track really is just a ball of energy as it saunters forward before exploding into a chorus full of menace and desire. This is definitely a track that would sound great live.


Sylva Faye – Centrefold

Sylva Faye - CentrefoldBritish singer-songwriter Sylva Faye really has a beautiful sentiment in her music. Track Centrefold manages to display the intricacies in her songs as her strong but sultry vocals dance over a gentle but illuminating acoustic guitar that leads the listener forward on a vibrant journey. The track ebbs and flows in a tantalising way, with Sylva previously opening up about the fact the track is based on a dark time and the trials and tribulations of the last year. Strong melodies and a headstrong mentality make Centrefold really stand out amongst the crowd.


Dirty Mae – Hollow

Dirty Mae - HollowHollow is the 4th and final single off the band’s upcoming debut album Holy Mama, and you really get a feeling they’ve saved the best till last. The raw, American roots sound is instantly appealing as it plays with tantalising rhythms as piano and Hammond organ dance around each other. Cassie Fireman’s vocals tie everything together in a strong but seductive way. The steady drumbeat keeps everything in check and allows the track’s other instruments to take centre stage when needed.

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