New Music Fridays – 11th October

As always on a Friday, below we have another set of tracks from up and coming artists for you to bend your ears around. This week we’ve been listening to an eclectic mix of genres and it really shows in our choices. As always, ‘click the pics’ to listen!


Fox and Bones – A Strange and Wondrous Place

Fox and BonesFox and Bones is the folk-pop duo of Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore, and their track A Strange and Wondrous Place provides a nice overview of their harmony-laden and heartwarming music. Gentle, plucking acoustic guitar leads you into the track before the aforementioned wonderful harmonies seep through, dancing along next to the music and getting stronger as the track progresses. This is set against uplifting, and thought-provoking lyrics as they declare:“You’ll never be the person you are till you ditch the person you’ve been”


The Never Ending Fall – Trisha

The Never Ending FallJazzy-funk band The Never Ending Fall allow their ideas to flow in freefall with track, Trisha. A steady beat saunters forward amongst a funky beat that intermittently comes alive amidst layered saxophones before settling down to sultry vocals taking centre stage. There’s an eclectic mix of ideas throughout, with most instruments taking lead at some point in a way that only jazz can do. A well-constructed track that will bring something new with each listen.


Just Peachy! – Blush

PeachyJust Peachy is the handy work of two Canadian Teens with a penchant for grooves, beats and strong melodies. Track Blush is a cleanly-layered piece, and the way the duo tantalisingly share vocals whilst finding rhythms where others wouldn’t is pretty impressive. The underhanded nature of the track allows the melodies to breathe, with their distinct style of vocals really bringing out the playful nature in the track. If this is anything to go by, this duo has a big future ahead of them.


Dear Tenement – Burst It Out

Dear TenementAs soon as the dirty, fuzzy guitar starts the track, you know this is going to be something good. The gentle but paced indie-based style of Burst It Out is perfectly balanced between fun and frantic as frontman Gordy Clarke’s Scottish accent-laden vocals guide the listener through angst-driven lyrics and a perfectly structured chorus. There might be a lot of indie bands out there trying to be heard, but there are only a handful that can write a track this catchy and witty. 

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