EP Review: LPX – Junk Of The Heart

LPX hit us hard with new EP Junk Of The Heart as artist Lizzy Plapinger uses big sounds against calming influences to create a unique record.

Lizzy Plapinger has been busy. Not only is she the lead singer of alternative pop group MS MR, but she’s also decided to release her second EP Junk Of The Heart under the name LPX. The EP manages to tailor that ‘rock vs pop’ sound over its four tracks with Lizzy obviously in her element from start to finish.  

Black & White opens with scratchy vinyl sounds against raucously-built synths that give way to an epic opening. This settles down as Lizzy’s voice enters amongst breaks, beats and addictive melodies. Her raspy vocals fit perfectly with the track as the chorus hits those huge sounds, reminiscent of something that the band Fun would come up with. Lyrics based around addiction of love float over the banging drum track as Lizzy sings “Fever in your kiss, leaves me weak iIwish that I could get a grip…I can’t numb you out.” A barn-storming opener.

Junk Of The Heart

Might Not Make It Home gets more rocky as a distorted guitar riff flys against lyrics of nights out and drunken fun. Its light atmosphere is perfect against Lizzy’s big voice as her personality runs over the track like a freight train. It also features a nice breakdown where synths take over before being sidelined once again for the rollicking chorus. If you’re going to compare it to anything, UK indie-rockers Wolf Alice comes to mind.

Falling To Fall slows things down a bit with a distinct 90s indie sound, and a strong chorus guitar riff that adds an extra element to the sound. Lizzie’s lyrics are deep but playful as she sings of the hardships in relationships and the sometimes inevitable end: “All I want is changin’, baby you wouldn’t blame me if you knew the pain I was facing”.

Prior single Give Up The Ghost once again features those big synths amongst some of the strongest melodies on the EP. The build-up takes an age without overstaying its welcome as it works its way to another of those tailored big choruses that hit hard and fast. Lizzy once again finds rhythms that are addictive and unique making for a great EP closer.

Junk Of The Heart is an impressive EP from an artist in her prime. From the clever lyrics to the huge sounding choruses, LPX manages to straddle the line between epic and tranquil perfectly, allowing the music to breath when needed but hitting us with stomping beats and big sounds where necessary. This, backed up with influences from the past and present, makes for an intense EP that’s not afraid to play on the listener’s emotions. A great effort that leaves you wanting more.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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