EP Review: Benny Bassett – Words For Yesterday

Benny Bassett releases new EP Words For Yesterday focusing on scenarios based around missed opportunities and lost love.

Words For Yesterday is the second EP release for alternative singer/songwriter Benny Bassett, and this time he’s really going for it with a full-on emotional assault. Each track on the EP tries to focus on a different scenario, usually based around those pesky missed opportunities or wishing you’d done something different at the time. This, in places, makes for a harrowing record that’s backed up by strong vocal work and a taste of electronica.

Window To Forever starts off with a thumping bass drum amidst floaty sounds and gentle acoustic guitar. Bassett’s vocals slink in as the track saunters along in its own world with a distinct country vibe about it, but an alternative indie feel reminiscent of 90s efforts from the likes of Coldplay or Keane. The lyrics are based around a long-winded apology that works for the most, and the chorus’ underlying electronic sound thickens out the track for a nice opening effort.

Words For Yesterday

Live Where You Love The Sky is once again gentle and warm as it saunters forward amongst simple chord structures and some nice backing vocals. The lyrics follow the EP’s structure based around missed opportunities or wishing something else was said as Bassett sings of living in the moment: “Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars love the view where you are”.

Down Below switches things up with a more of a rocky vibe – think 80s INXS with an electronic tinge. This really flips the EP on its head and is a welcome change of pace – Bassett seemingly having fun as his vocals raise the bar against guitar distortion and a rocking chorus. Find A Way keeps the drum beats but settles down to reminiscing about youth and innocence, whereas Building a Future fast forwards to predictions about what lies ahead in a difficult relationship. This is used well against electronic beats and 80s synths.

The EP ends in a sultry fashion with From You as gentle, hazy piano works well against Bassett’s floaty vocals, and once again he sings of trials and tribulations in love and loss. The chorus rises up the track and adds that extra element to a track that was in danger of being washed out.

Words Of Yesterday features some good ideas, a strong sense of an underlying message and good vocal work. The problem is, it feels like it may have worked better as a full-length album. With the number of ideas flying around, it feels a bit suppressed in areas, and a few more tracks would have allowed ideas to breathe and gain traction. Despite this, the EP does manage to stand on its own two feet with it being obvious that Bassett is spilling his heart out. It will be interesting to see where the artist goes next, hopefully with a full album to follow.

Score: 3/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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