EP Review: Elizabeth Sage – Just Go!

Elizabeth Sage

New EP Just Go! from Elizabeth Sage manages to be both commanding and thought-provoking, as the singer combines the perfect mix of pop and rock elements.

Pop music these days is so much more than it used to be. It encompasses a myriad of different genres, is anything but formulaic, and can be a lot more technical than in the past – it truly is in a golden age. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter  Elizabeth Sage has taken all of this on board, and with new EP Just Go!,  she’s created a pop/rock EP that really speaks volumes for her debut effort. With pensive lyrics and catchy and efficient melodies, it manages to stand out amongst the crowd.

Lead single Disease Of Loneliness kicks in with electronic drums leading into other instruments gradually being added until a strong pop tune is born. Think of Taylor Swift meets Kelly Clarkson – poppy but also rocky. Rhythmic lyrics throw the song forwards with a slight country feel laying underneath, that helps bring out the track’s sincerity. The lyrics focus around escaping negativity from ended relationships before they affect any future ones, and Sage portrays this thought with ease and clarity.

Just Go

All The Words You Say starts of with a nineties indie feel with guitar against focused vocals. The song progresses and brings in outside influences from more recent starlettes such as First Aid Kit, with fluttery vocals set against rolling rhythms, haunting lyrics and cleverly layered vocals. Sage has a penchant to find hooks where others wouldn’t even think of, and this comes together beautifully here with the focus once again on relationships and how they can quickly turn toxic – the singer definitely has had a troubled love life which she finds solace in through her music.

California Sun feels more upbeat than previous tracks and is the perfect way to end the EP. A strong drum rhythm helps change the sound of the track as Sage sings of escaping the drudgery of everyday life, and just driving off into the California Sun. The sound of the track perfectly portrays this image of freedom that all of us would want, but most of us are too scared to go for. Gentle and fun lyrics that fit seamlessly together create the basis for the track, with Sage showing off her skills as a songwriter: “You’re gunna dive and I’ll hold the GPS, and the birds and the trees are our witness that we’re having fun”. It can bring a smile to even the most heavy-hearted person, and give them a brighter aspect on life.

Just Go! Is a strong EP from Elizabeth Sage, and truly makes you want to hear more from the artist. She encompasses the perfect amount of pop against rock, without either genre being too overbearing, and therefore bringing out the best of both worlds. The tracks are catchy and get their messages across clearly with little fuss, which is testament to the singer/songwriters abilities. Just Go! shows Elizabeth Sage has a strong future ahead of her and we should look forward to hearing what else this artist has to offer.

Score: 4/5

By Jamie Parmenter

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