Beastie Boys set to release Sabotage on 3 inch vinyl

If you thought a 3-inch vinyl of Beastie Boys classic track Sabotage was missing from your life, then you’re in luck!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Beastie Boys seminal album Ill Communication, the band, in collaboration with Record Store Day, are releasing cult-track Sabotage on 3-inch vinyl. The tiny disc will be playable on Crossley’s very own 3-inch mini turntable that was also released in conjunction with Record Store Day.

The release also comes with the original single cover art, as well as an Ill Communication poster to grace your bedroom wall. More mini-records are due to be released over the year including Jack White’s Love Interruption and Bad Religion’s My Sanity

Crosley RSD3

This isn’t the first time a 3-inch record player has been released. It was rumoured Record Store Day got the idea from Japan where the systems are a little more common and primarily used for playing TV Theme Tunes. 

If you haven’t already got one of the Crosley mini record players, check out your local indie record stores to see if they have any left, but they’re a pretty rare commodity now. The limited pressing of Sabotage in listed at 2,500 copies and is available from 19th July and will also be available from all good indie record stores.

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