The Script: Sunsets and Full Moons – Review

The Script release new album Sunsets and Full Moons featuring their usual ballads and rock-pop tracks to satisfy fans, but also something a little extra.

With The Script releasing their first record in 2008 and establishing their fixed sound for their loyal fanbase, it becomes a question of whether they can deliver a new sounding album. Will The Script generate the same acoustic instrumentation whilst Danny sings about his everlasting heartache? Or are there some different ideas that we are yet to explore?

The new album Sunsets and Full Moons kicks off with Something unreal, a piano ballad revealing ways in which Danny is trying to get out of his numb state. A song sounding quite similar to a previous track that could be heard in their 2010 album Science and Faith. However, the heavier sounding chorus adds flair and excitement, connoting the escape from his mind, an encouraging start to the record. 

The Script - Sunsets and Full Moons

We then get onto the nostalgic Run Through Walls, one of those songs that make you think about someone in particular, whether that’s your friend, partner or family member, your favourite person will come straight into your mind. This song is all about the people who help you when you are down, guiding you to recognise gratefulness for everyone in your life. The positive lyrics uplift not only the track but you as well. Danny’s rap after the second chorus is highly unexpected during a song like this, something that is also heard in Hurt People Hurt People. Executed with ease, Danny’s versatility in the song captures the audience into a new sounding section in preparation for the acoustic ending, a refreshing technique connoting the peacefulness of your mind when you are assured that you have people around you who care. 

We then hear If You Don’t Love Yourself, a song covering acceptance and learning to trust your individuality. A great message that many young people crucially need to hear. The exciting drop in the chorus gives off a minor Chainsmokers feel which is something quite new for The Script and entices listeners to get involved. Meanwhile, Underdog has many similarities to Hall Of Fame, from the bridge build-up, piano melodies and rap in the middle of the song. Aside from that, the message is very inspiring for those who feel like they can’t succeed due to them feeling unimportant. Another essential song for the younger generation to fulfil self-acceptance.

In contrast Same Time is the slower song on this album, a piano ballad about losing your partner in a break-up, something Danny is highly experienced in singing about. This stripped back and honest performance allows the focus to remain solely onto the lyrics which has the ability to spike up memories for the listeners affecting them in different ways. Sounding similar to Hurt Game we keep running through all different emotions and remembering key moments in our lives.

The Script keep doing what they do best, presenting us with meaningful songs whilst keeping the rapport with their fanbase by sharing their inner-most thoughts and keeping every story relatable for their listeners. Whether it is similar to previous albums or not it is obviously still working, and keeping a large audience engaged.

Score: 3/5

By Laura Bevan

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