Review: Baroness – Gold & Grey

Baroness return with an ambitious and expansive record, and the results are stunning.

Gold and Grey is the much-anticipated follow up to the 2015 Purple record, and it is destined to be their masterpiece. Stellar musicianship, dynamic and atmospheric songwriting, and a wonderfully emotional ride. Listeners who have followed Baroness throughout their career and new listeners alike will likely gravitate to this record. The Baroness sound that has brought them here is alive and well, yet they also spread into other musical directions with jaw-dropping results.

The record opens up with the track Front Toward Enemy, which is vintage Baroness. A 1970s style rock guitar solo, soaring vocals, and unique time signatures…this is a catchy tune and a great opening song. I’m Already Gone is up next, and it is a different type of song than what we are used to hearing from them. The lyrics are a little dark “Did I make a huge mistake, when I said your name?”, and it has a loose, almost improvised vibe at times.

Baroness - Gold and Grey

Seasons follows, and it is a beast. Driving guitars, and blast beats? Yes, we hear a blast beat in the song and it works to perfection. Tourniquet is simply a beautiful track and was the first song that they wrote for this record. “Bought an artificial heart and its broken, It never started. Please, operator, take it out of here. Don’t let it be the death of me.” Poetry.

The record flows from there, twisting and turning in masterful fashion. Emmet – Radiating Light is a huge achievement for the band. Lovely harmonies, soothing, and thought-provoking lyrics, “When I go out, will you find me? ‘Cuz where I’m s’posed to be’ Is no longer the place for me.” Other highlights of the record include Broken Halo, Borderlines, and Pale Sun.

John Baizley, Sebastian Thomson, Nick Jost, and Gina Gleason have made a masterpiece. Baroness has outdone themselves with this one, and now we watch for the accolades that are sure to follow.

Score: 5/5

By Eric Keith

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