• Artist: Badly Drawn Boy
    Record: The Hour of Bewilderbeast
    It's the year 2000, we're all still here, and my music tastes are maturing nicely. The gateway drugs of Travis, Stereophonics and Semisonic have been digested, saving me from a Westlife prison sentence, and now I'm looking for something stronger, something with more meaning. Flicking through the newspaper one wet day during the school hols I am drawn to an advert for 'The Hour of Bewilderbeast' by Badly Drawn Boy, a mysterious scruffy Northerner called Damon Gough. A one-man-band in a woolly hat. I buy the CD and listen to little else for weeks, drinking its rich details: the orchestral cabin-folk of 'The Shining'; 'Fall In The River', which sounds like it was recorded underwater; glam-pop gem 'Another Pearl'; 'Magic In The Air', in my opinion one of the most romantic songs ever written. So many different sounds, moods, and textures, woven and smudged together in a lo-fi way to create a disorientating and beautiful 60-minute journey. It's the first listening experience to make me understand the power of the ALBUM - a body of work rather than a collection of songs, something greater than the sum of its parts.

    Since switching to vinyl five years ago, I've tried hard to resist re-buying things that I have on CD - I don't want to bankrupt myself and there's so much other music out there to discover. I had to make an exception for BDB's magical debut, however - it holds a very special place.
  • Artist: The Carpenters
    Record: The Singles 1969-1973
    Hey, I'm Annie, and I enjoy buying/playing/and loving records. There's something so satisfying about looking at and holding a physical copy of the music I love. My mother would play 'We've Only Just Begun', on the guitar all the time when I was a child. There began my love for The Carpenters. This record is filled with their hits and many a good memory for me.
  • Artist: Led Zeppelin
    Record: Led Zeppelin IV
    I don't find it necessary to mention the importance of Led Zeppelin, as this 70's Rock band has shaped the entire genre to its own form and image. Although it's not necessarily my favorite, I chose to feature their fourth record. While untitled and unlabelled, it is their most prominent, and their best seller. It contains tracks like 'Stairway to Heaven', and my personal favorite of the album: 'Black Dog'. To indicate that it's the fourth album, each of the 4 members has designed/picked his own logo, which can be found inside the sleeve, but also tattooed on my forearm.
  • Artist: Ryan Adams
    Record: All of Them!
    I started listening to Ryan Adams back in his Whiskeytown days. I fell in love 'Heartbreaker' when it first came out, and it's still my favorite record today! His music has always been apart of my life, through the good and the bad, through love and loss.
  • Artist: Cat Power
    Record: The Greatest
    It's amazing to me what music can do for people, and what Cat Power's music has done for me is beyond what I can express. Her vulnerability, roughness and at times tender voice is what caught my attention. She is not only an amazing artist but a great humanitarian, a person who cares for the world and for other people. You can truly see that in her music. Her soulful being really spilling out of her albums, specially on The Greatest which in a lot of ways it has helped me personally. So much that when I heard "Once I wanted to be the greatest, Two fists of solid rock, With brains that could explain any feeling" It's almost as if she was speaking from my mind and all of a sudden I wasn't alone, in a time where I was literally alone in a new town, as a new and young mom with my husband all the way in Afghanistan, I instantly felt close to her. But of course I picked myself up just like she did. So when my husband surprised me with this amazing album, it meant the world. Music heals! Cheers to The Greatest!
  • Artist: Belle and Sebastian
    Record: If You’re Feeling Sinister
    This was the second record I ever bought, right after Big Star's #1 Record. I've always had a love for Belle and Sebastian, there is something about their sound that is so smooth and easy to get into. I can listen to all their albums from start to finish, but this album in particular I feel like I know all the lyrics to. I got it signed by Stuart at a QnA he did for God Help The Girl years after I picked this up. They're a group who's discography I am working on completing.