• Artist: The Beatles
    Record: A Hard Day's Night
    The Beatles are part of my sentimental education: in the course of my life I have always listened to them, moving from one album to another, following my mood of the moment. I have all their vinyl and this happened in my hands on my birthday: I was in my favorite pub to celebrate with friends and suddenly I noticed that among the records for sale there is A Hard Day's Night, the only Fab four vinyl that I missed! It was a special gift that I gave myself. The next day, lying on the couch I listened to this fabulous record with a smile on my lips and happiness in the heart!
  • Artist: The Clash
    Record: London Calling
    This album holds a special place in my heart because it is an album from my dad’s youth, that he eventually shared with me. The Clash is a band that my dad enjoyed as a young man, and when I became an adolescent, he introduced me to the same album that had been important and meaningful to him. I remember him sharing stories about listening to his own records and also seeing them in concert! As we would listen to this album together and enjoy the music, my dad would sit with me and also help my interpret and understand that meaning behind The Clash's lyrics. My dad not only introduced me to one of the best Punk Rock bands of all time which eventually shaped my taste in music, but he also used their music to help me become aware of historical/political events not often taught in school. So when I began collecting records, it was a no brainer that I also had to include London Calling in my collection. I purchased this record from Amoeba in Hollywood, and I am so glad that it will forever be in my collection!
  • Artist: The Smiths
    Record: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
    Possibly one of my favourite purchases yet! Got it in a local junk store for 3 pounds. I went into this shop knowing they had records but not know what I wanted and not really having much cash on me. After digging around for 30 minutes I found a singles box and started to flick through it and this immediately stuck out - 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'. I love this Smiths song; it hit home for me at a really important time and after buying this record made me feel like a real collector. It was the first original pressing I bought and the first single. This version has a lovely etching that say "Smiths Indeed" This is why it means so much to me and is a gem in my collection.
  • Artist: Talking Heads
    Record: Speaking In Tounges
    Did you ever see something, anything, and wish it to be yours even if you don't know why? Well that's what happened with this album, I saw it in a small record shop and I fell in love! Even though I didn't really know the band very much! Now I can say that it was one of my best purchases!
  • Artist: Jamiroquai
    Record: Emergency On Planet Earth
    Back in 1993, when the first Jamiroquai Album was released . The title was very impressive... 'Emergency on Planet Earth'. This debut album became an instant classic. Entering the charts at number 1, it laid the foundations for an acid-jazz/ funk sound that the band would continue to build upon for the next decade and a half . Frontman Jay Kay introduces himself with an environmentally oriented manifesto inside the sleeve. I was a teenager and I used to spend my time in a local radio station where my father hosted a famous radio show, followed by many people in Sardinia Island ( Italy) . He played this record over and over, and the people kept calling up the radio station asking for information! I still remember the promo vinyl record copy on the radio mixer. This is the first record I bought in my life and every time I listen to it I get totally inside another dimension . My favourite songs are 'Too young to die' and 'Blow your mind'. 'Too Young to Die' is incredibly catchy with its bass line and friendly vocals, but not only that, it has some very nice string and brass arrangements which add a lot to the song, and even an instrumental break typical of good funk/fusion bands. 'Blow You Mind' is the perfect balance between vocal-led song and instrumental, with Jay even scatting alongside the brass resulting very pleasant. There are some great spacey keyboards throughout by Toby Smith, making the song actually blow your mind! This album is nonetheless 'retro'; the funky guitar, the disco-inspired string arrangements, the slapping bass, fusion-like keyboards, catchy brass lines, you name it. And although in some cases you can pin-point some bands that might have influenced this, for me Jamiroquai made a perfect sum-up of the vast funk movement of the 70s and turned it into their own. A must have for every record collector who is into Funk/JazzFunk/Acid Jazz.
  • Artist: Minor Majority
    Record: Reasons To Hang Around
    This story is aboute how it all started, and I want to dedicate this Vinyl Story to my fantastic man Torje, for beeing such a huge part of me becoming a vinylcollector today. When we met for some years ago, I told him that I had a dream of having a Turntable ,and it turns out that he had one, and also tons of vinyl records in his shed! We took it all out and started to listen together and had so much fun! He just had a break from it. He told me he always dreamed of having a Technics SL1210mk2 Turntable. So for Christmas gift later on, I found one of the classic Turntables, who are well known for DJing and a part of the music history. He was so surprised and happy for it and I finally figured out which Turntable to get. This is the fourth studio Album 'Reasons to Hang Around' 2006, by the Norwegian pop/rock band Minor Majority, and it's special to me because it's signed by Pål Angelskår. He was one of the former members of this group. I really love Pål's soft and soulful voice, one of the best in Norway, in my opinion. He also playes the guitar. This picture is taken of me and Pål Angelskår after a awesome Minor Majority concert me and my boyfriend went to in 2016. He was so kind and we talked aboute his music and he signed my first 'new' Vinyl Album that I bought. We now own a solid Vinyl Collection in many genres; Hip Hop, Progressive metal, Rock, Funk, Popmusic and Electronica, and love to crate dig. When you have music on vinyl, you really got to listen through the albums, and I just rediscover several bands all over again. My son at twelve has also become a vinyl enthusiasts and he is today a dedicated vinyl collector. Thank you honey for sharing this passionate way to explore and enjoy music with me because it's so more fun doing it together.