• Artist: Deftones
    Record: White Pony
    Sometimes the magic of music operates. An album of great importance to me, that I had bought without having heard a single song of the group before, but that I knew of their reputation of course. 'White Pony' brought me to the metal world. When I first heard the song 'Digital Bath and Change(In The House Of Flies)' and 'Knife Prty', I had a revelation. I find Chino Moreno's voice so intense and bewitching at the same time that it carries me away every time. I was lucky to start with this album. I recommend it to discover the universe of the group, which is infinitely vast.
  • Artist: Tuff Crew
    Record: Danger Zone
    Back in 1988 this record totally blew my mind. I remember listening to this and saying out loud to myself “I found my music. I’m a hip hop head”. As a kid in the 80’s hip hop was gaining popularity, but this was something else. They had a talented deejay who took scratching to the next level. This hip hop record is still better than 90% of the hip hop that gets released nowadays. This is my all-time favourite hip hop record ever. In the picture you see my daughter holding the record. I’m not much of a model.
  • Artist: Soilent Green
    Record: Sewn Mouth Secrets
    One thing I notice as I get older is how albums take on new meanings as your experiences change. That’s what happened with this album 8-years ago. I exited an abusive relationship and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. “A devil speaks to disguise my eyes so you cannot see the knowledge of unkind inflict selfish ways to undermind trust stepped on only to be stepped upon. Wishful thought to smooth out high tempers in need a doll an image for wrath to unleash the aggressor.” The physical parts weren’t even the worst of it. I can’t begin to describe the emotional pain, not just from him, but the people around the situation and the court system… I was flooded with anger and pain. I put on ‘Sewn Mouth Secrets’ in my car and it opens, “unjust response for your ignorance intensify my rage, unrest that makes me strong…” The same song I had heard before, I just got in a way I never had. I tuned into the lyrics more and more… I am not sure what Ben had to go through to come up with the words for this album but it made me feel less alone. Seemed like someone else was just as abused and broken and trying to make sense of everything… and tear it all apart at the same time. And the words wouldn’t have the impact absent the music to back it up. As much brutality is brashly conveyed in Soilent Green’s music, there’s also this melodic component that can’t be denied. So coming out of that experience, I decided the album art would make for a good tattoo. To this day it’s one of my favorite records to jam, especially first thing in the morning. Reminds me of everything I’ve overcome and if I could survive that, I can handle just about anything.
  • Artist: Father John Misty
    Record: Pure Comedy
    This is us, Anton and Tanja - the creators of at.vinyl. We met in the spring of 2016 and we have now been living together for about a year. We spend most of our free time listening to music and discovering new records. In April 2017 Father John Misty released his third LP, 'Pure Comedy'. We bought it even though we never really got into his earlier work. Sure, we liked the new singles and a couple of songs from the previous LP, but we never expected this to be so brilliant. After a spin or two we fell in love with the whole album. It is clever, elegant and also kind of catchy. The weeks went by and after some time we discovered that Misty would play live here in Sweden. When the tickets were released we managed to get the best seats in the house at Cirkus, Stockholm. We got more and more dedicated to Father John’s music and we consumed all of his work, even the records in his own name, Josh Tillman. As we grew more fond of his music we also grew more fond of each other. It’s really something special when music have the power to unite feelings and emotions for one another. The concert was outstanding; Misty was sincere, funny and full of life. It was the performance of our life time. We are so grateful for this musical journey that we got to experience together.
  • Artist:Monolord
    Record: Empress Rising
    I only discovered this band somewhere in 2016 when they were announced for the Into the Void festival. While checking out the bands on the line-up, I immediately fell in love with their sound. Heavy sludgy doom with spaced out vocals lingering in the background. Live these 3 guys are every bit as great as on vinyl, making them easily one of my favorite bands right now. This is their debut album Empress Rising from 2014. The fifth pressing from 2016 is without a doubt the most beautiful one on smokey clear green vinyl and with a foil jacket. Apart from it looking amazing, the reason I went for this particular record is that the title track is my favorite Monolord song. At 12 minutes it sure takes its time, but that's what I love about it as well.
  • Artist: Cult Of Luna
    Record: Vertikal
    Vertikal is my favourite album of Cult of Luna. Since it was released in January 2013, it became one of those records that you need to listen to often, because it works as a kind of refuge. My special refuge. This is a limited edition coloured vinyl, black and white vinyl, and it was a present for my 40 birthday. I really love this album