• Artist: Iron Maiden
    Record: Powerslave
    I was only 8 years old when this came out but I have so many fond memories from listening to it. My older cousin had put together a mixtape of various bands and 3 tracks from ‘Powerslave’ were included; Aces High, 2 minutes 2 midnight and the title track. The latter changed my musical perspective forever; the tonality was so different from anything I'd heard previously, Dickinson's vocals so eerie, the solemn middle section with Adrian and Dave's epic guitar solos and excellent build back into the last verse... it was a thrill ride of progressive heavy metal long before the term even existed in my world. It is Maidens most consistent offering and to me this is their finest hour; from the magical opening of ‘Aces High’ to the last phrase of ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, from the upbeat instrumental ‘Losfer Words’ to the criminally underrated ‘The Duelists’ and ‘Flash of the Blade’, from the Egyptian-themed artwork to the sarcophagus of Eddie, this album has it all! ‘Powerslave’ epitomizes everything HEAVY about Heavy Metal. I even got the t-shirt for my 9th birthday... I bought this new in the early 90's, a Nice Price Reissue on EMI WITHOUT the inner sleeve So I have to get a proper pressing soon...
  • Artist: Forteresse
    Record: Thèmes pour la rébellion
    I still remember being in total awe of the furious tremolo picking and hellish speed that the drums were pounding away when i first heard this album in 2016. It was one of those moments when I knew that I just had to have this on vinyl no matter the cost and started patiently waiting for a release that finally came in early 2018. I don’t think I have ever bought anything so fast, haha. This is a must have for black metal lovers.
  • Artist: Woods Of Ypres
    Record: Woods 4: The Green Album
    This record is one of the rarest in my collection. This isn’t the reason why it has a special meaning to me; it was a gift by someone who once called me his everything. The thing is, that almost every song on this record is about this subject; breaking up, feeling isolated and worthless. Anyway, this album is more than that. It’s a beautiful piece of music that helped me to look at things from a different perspective.
  • Artist: The Supremes
    Record: I Hear A Symphony
    The Supremes. Record: I Hear A Symphony. "The genesis of my love of collecting vinyl & drinking whisky! One random night I just decided to put on Mum’s 1966 original of this classic for the first time with all its pops and crackles and poured a drink. I’d never really listened to motown before and this blew my mind! With the whisky combination, it felt timeless! Not only was it immediately sentimental but it was the first time I realised there are so many great records out there I need to discover... or maybe I was just drunk!
  • Artist: Motely Crue
    Record: Shout At The Devil
    In my 9th grade math class, instead of paying attention to the lesson, I was flipping through the latest issue of “Hit Parader” magazine. Now that’s nothing unusual given I didn’t like the class, but what was unusual back in that late Fall of 1983 were these four guys in an ad for something called “Shout At The Devil.” Who were these dudes? What the heck are they wearing? And OMG!! Where can I get this album???? I went out and bought it the same week. 35 years and 4 copies later...I’m still in love with it. These guys were angry. I mean really pissed off. So was I at that time. It was perfection. I loved every second of it! I read every article I could find, watched every interview with Nikki Sixx ever aired. He said things that I related to, connected with. “It’s Shout At The Devil, not with the devil,” he would repeatedly say. The so called, self-appointed “child protector” groups like the PMRC, at the time continued to turn Motley Crue and many others into some kind of devil-worshipping circus in the media. Those idiots couldn’t have been further from the true. As if all kids listening to this would turn into drug-addicted satanists (Rolling my eyes.) Hey Tipper, I’ve turned into a professional at a financial services firm. Drug-free and a Christian. Sorry to disappoint you. To me, more proof that Nikki and the boys were right. Question authority. Speak your mind. Don’t follow like a sheep, and when you know in your gut you are right...you shout at that devil. I’ve passed that wonderful life lesson down to my own son, who is now also in 9th grade today. Last week my son came home and said “Mom, my teacher said something so ridiculously wrong, and I knew it was, because I could feel it was wrong...so I challenged her. Mom, you taught me that when adults say stupid stuff, I need to question it. I can’t let it go!!” I turned to him and said, “Yes son, I sure did teach you that. I sure did.
  • Artist: The Velvet Underground
    Record: White Light/White Heat
    I was in New York City in April 2013. It was the final stop of a long and troubled road trip. For my final day in town I decided I was gonna go crate diggin' and buy something representative of the city I was in (which is something I try to do in every city I visit). What's more representative than The Velvets and what's more New York-sounding than their sophomore album? Nasty, sexy, dangerous. Just like NYC in the late 60s. Plus, white vinyl, which came as a surprise since there was no indicator in the sleeve the LP was pressed that way.