• Artist: The Who
    Record: Tommy
    It all began when I found a whimsical strange disk in the old workplace of my father. On the cover were faces to be recognized amongst huge blue stripes; it had the appearance that could be interpreted as the sky. Also the huge birds fascinated me on the whole picture. When I took the record proudly to my room I scanned roughly over the record cover. After I had explored the exquisite look, I put the record on our living room platter. After he told me about this record, I was looking forward to an adventure.

    To date, I love the songs on this sensational record. The songs like It's a Boy or Smash The Mirror are indescribable.

    After I bought the record as a new edition, and after a heavy rain or thunderstorm I still feel this indescribable strength and cosiness or this record.
  • Artist: Idris Muhammad
    Record: Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
    When I was a kid my dad always used to DJ out at different clubs playing Jazz, Funk, soul, things like that. He couldn’t find this track, but it was one from when he was probably about my age now. He bought a Mastercuts album at the time, which used to re-release quite rare tunes that no one could really buy on vinyl anymore, and so it just reminds me of being a kid. He used to play it in the car all the time, and it’s actually a small fortune online if you want to buy it originally. So I’m quite happy to have found it.

    When I was ten my Dad gave me his old record player. He used to buy some records for me when he went to the record shop. On days off school my Mum used to take me to a place called Elm’s Arcade in Stevenage, which was a little charity shop where you could pick up really good things for 50p. Without me knowing much about what it was that I wanted to listen to, she would pick bits and pieces out and say ‘you’ll like this’.

  • Artist: John Lee Hooker
    Record: On The Waterfront
    One of the modern fathers of the blues I’d say. This is one of his earlier recordings; I’m not familiar with it, I just thought I’d take potluck and support a local record shop. I love vinyl and may it live a long and happy life!
  • Artist: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    Record: Architecture and Morality
    Every week a group of our friends get together to listen to a bunch music, and a couple of months ago one of my mates brought this record along to listen to. I stumbled across it today at a really good price. We’ve been doing the record club about three or four months. It’s great to actually sit and listen to a record rather than put music on and do other things.
  • Artist: Colleen
    Record: Et Les Boites A Musique
    It’s quite instrumental; it’s quite experimental stuff. It’s music boxes that have been sampled and then she’s reworked the sound of the music boxes. I listen to music in all sorts of places, but bed is a good place and it feels like its just something I know I’m just going to love listening to there. My Nan used to collect music boxes and it reminded me of that.

    This is a new edition. I didn’t own the original one, but it’s new artwork that just looks beautiful I think. Each of her albums seems to do something different. Gideon Coe talked about her recent album on his 6 music show, and then I saw her listed for Record Store Day.
  • Artist: The Flaming Lips
    Record: Onboard The International Space Station Concert For Peace
    I got into the Flaming Lips at School. When I was at School Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots had just come out, and then a couple of years later they had that big single The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song. I just started listening to them again recently; literally this week started listening to their old albums, then I saw on the record store day list this album and thought I’d get it.

    When I was younger my Dad had a bunch of records I’d listen to like Pink Floyd stuff, and then in the last year and a half the main thing that I’ve spent my money on is records. Music stated feeling really disposable, like on smart phones where you can listen to anything, and I realised I wasn’t listening to anything properly. I thought maybe if I start spending money on music and have it as an object I’ll start listening to it properly again. Now I get excited again when a new album comes out, and it feels like an event.