• Artist: The White Stripes
    Record: De Stijl
    This is the first record that was my own. I was 7, a Canadian living in Michigan, I remember "Hello Operator" playing on a college radio station and my mom telling me "This band’s going to be big". It was my first cool band that I was into that didn't belong to a generation before me. My friends were all listening to Eminem and Brittney Spears... and I had this band to save me from all that. I remember wanting to only wear black, white, and red. I wanted to learn an instrument. Seeing their Lego music video and being mind blown. You usually outgrow the bands you love as a kid, but I never did. The White Stripes are still in my top 3 bands of all time. A powerful duo. It's still my favorite project Jack White played in. Here I am today, working at Spinster Records in Dallas, Texas. I am Blasting them and moving to it like I did when I was 7. Some records you never get sick of.
  • Artist: David Bowie
    Record: Heroes
    As a 13 year old musically obsessed kid I knew something was special when during the usual Thursday evenings Top of the Pops tv show, a misty figure appeared through the haze on our black and white tv accompanied by an ethereal guitar sound; every hair on the back of my neck stood up. "Heroes" was the first Bowie album I was really into (too young for Ziggy proper). As a student of German history to post grad, then to meet, (in Australia of all places), a German girl (born "behind the wall" in the old DDR), then marry and move back to Germany and now be lucky enough to have two wonderful little boys who are predominantly German speaking... well, the song has many resonances for me as you can understand.

    I've visited Berlin now for about 15 years, but recently I was lucky enough to be taken around the city with Berlin Music Tours. The trip into the Hansa Studios (the "Hall by the Wall") was a real thrill and to be in the control room with Mr Edu Meyer, engineer on "Low", "Lust for Life" was one of the greatest musical thrills of my life. (You can see Edu's signature on Bowle's hand on the cover). It's perhaps a cliche, but it's difficult to fully understand "Low", "Heroes" and "The Next Day" without visiting the city and reading a bit about the cities - and Bowie's - history, especially with a track like "Heroes". When asked by a German reporter around the turn of the century where he lived in Berlin, he immediately replied "Hauptstraße 155 in Schöneberg". The interviewer was startled. "You still remember it after 25 years?". "I will never forget it", Bowie said to him, "they were very important years".

    Berlin was the place that both saved him and made Bowie and where he changed the face and sound of popular music. Bowie, "Heroes", Berlin and Germany have all been references and references throughout my life, consciously or not... so much so our 2nd Son is named "Ziggy" ... but that's another post!

  • Artist: Roger Miller
    Record: Robin Hood Soundtrack
    This may not be the most important record globally or even to me personally, but it holds a ton of sentimental value and is an anomaly as far as Disney music goes. Roger Miller was a modern day minstrel. His folksy southern sound and clever novelty songs made him a household name in the mid-60s. He not only narrated, and performed many of the songs for Robin Hood (1973), he also wrote/co-wrote the most of them. That is huge— for a singer/songwriter to take the reins on something as popular as a Disney cartoon! And what happened was pure magic that children for generations have loved. This is my favorite Disney album by far. The opening song “Whistle Stop” is what inspired me to learn how to whistle when I was little. I listened to this album with my grandad as a kid, and my kids have listened to it with me. And that experience could have taken place on anything... but the fact that it took place on vinyl is part of what makes record collecting a thing i do
  • Artist: Deftones
    Record: White Pony
    Sometimes the magic of music operates. An album of great importance to me, that I had bought without having heard a single song of the group before, but that I knew of their reputation of course. 'White Pony' brought me to the metal world. When I first heard the song 'Digital Bath and Change(In The House Of Flies)' and 'Knife Prty', I had a revelation. I find Chino Moreno's voice so intense and bewitching at the same time that it carries me away every time. I was lucky to start with this album. I recommend it to discover the universe of the group, which is infinitely vast.
  • Artist: Tuff Crew
    Record: Danger Zone
    Back in 1988 this record totally blew my mind. I remember listening to this and saying out loud to myself “I found my music. I’m a hip hop head”. As a kid in the 80’s hip hop was gaining popularity, but this was something else. They had a talented deejay who took scratching to the next level. This hip hop record is still better than 90% of the hip hop that gets released nowadays. This is my all-time favourite hip hop record ever. In the picture you see my daughter holding the record. I’m not much of a model.
  • Artist: Soilent Green
    Record: Sewn Mouth Secrets
    One thing I notice as I get older is how albums take on new meanings as your experiences change. That’s what happened with this album 8-years ago. I exited an abusive relationship and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. “A devil speaks to disguise my eyes so you cannot see the knowledge of unkind inflict selfish ways to undermind trust stepped on only to be stepped upon. Wishful thought to smooth out high tempers in need a doll an image for wrath to unleash the aggressor.” The physical parts weren’t even the worst of it. I can’t begin to describe the emotional pain, not just from him, but the people around the situation and the court system… I was flooded with anger and pain. I put on ‘Sewn Mouth Secrets’ in my car and it opens, “unjust response for your ignorance intensify my rage, unrest that makes me strong…” The same song I had heard before, I just got in a way I never had. I tuned into the lyrics more and more… I am not sure what Ben had to go through to come up with the words for this album but it made me feel less alone. Seemed like someone else was just as abused and broken and trying to make sense of everything… and tear it all apart at the same time. And the words wouldn’t have the impact absent the music to back it up. As much brutality is brashly conveyed in Soilent Green’s music, there’s also this melodic component that can’t be denied. So coming out of that experience, I decided the album art would make for a good tattoo. To this day it’s one of my favorite records to jam, especially first thing in the morning. Reminds me of everything I’ve overcome and if I could survive that, I can handle just about anything.