• Artist: The Jacksons
    Record: The Jacksons
    I remember discovering Michael Jackson at the age of 8 back in 1983. He was fastly becoming the biggest thing on the planet and I wanted anything with his image on it, newspaper/magazine cuttings, badges, posters, etc... I used to spend my pocket money in a record shop in Stalybridge, a small town on the outskirts of Manchester (ENG) and bought this simply because he was on the cover. I remember being amazed when I saw it and couldn't wait to get home and play it. It's not the best record by the group in my opinion but was definitely a major move for them, signing with CBS after leaving Motown and joining forces with Gamble & Huff who produced and wrote the majority of the tracks, It gave the brothers more freedom to work with their own music. I just wish that record shop was still there. Great memories for me.
  • Artist: Fleetwood Mac
    Record: Rumours
    I became more fascinated with Fleetwood Mac a few years ago. I fell in love with Stevie's voice, how Lindsey plays guitar and the fact that they could stay connected through the music all these years regardless of a messy breakup they had. Now that's rock 'n roll!! Long live Fleetwood Mac forever!
  • Artist: Scorpions
    Record: Blackout
    he first record I ever heard on vinyl was this album. When I was very young, maybe 7 or 8, I was at my aunt’s house, looking at her record collection. She asked me if I wanted to listen to anything and I picked this album, the most obscene looking one of the collection. I mean, c’mon, there were forks in this guy’s eyes, why wouldn’t I want to hear this band’s music? Nonetheless, we listed to the album and I was just so fixated on the technology of a needle being put on this giant looking CD, and music was coming out of it somewhere, somehow. And what was crazy was it sounded way better than my old cassette player! Fast forward almost 20 years and the collection has grown, and my taste in music has gone in a variety of directions. All in all, I have just always enjoyed the preservation of physical media. The record I’m holding has a story, and someone before me owned it and listened to it somewhere, maybe in another state or country. I hope one day I can pass down my collection to a new generation.
  • Artist: Jimi Hendrix
    Record: The Essential Jimi Hendrix
    I’ll never forget the first time I listened to Jimi Hendrix. My dad had this big record collection with 60s and 70s rock albums and he would listen to them sitting on his armchair, drinking a whisky. I would sit on the armrest and listen to him tell me about the artists and their music. The other kids in school thought I was totally weird for listening to such old stuff but I didn’t care, I loved it. (I’m still weird). This album is the first one I bought myself after my dad died. It just reminds me of the good times when I listen to it.
  • Artist: Iron Maiden
    Record: Somewhere In Time
    This is the most special Iron Maiden album and it served as a gateway album for what has become years of listening to this type of Music. I was 11 or 12 when I got this and the album truly changed me, it made me feel like I was home and contained within the album is countless bits of music that speak to me to this day. I had never heard anything like it and the cover artwork lent itself perfectly to the music and fitting together image with sound, it was huge and yet still street level enough to encapsulate my need for substance lyrically. Learning this album was like being shown the rails so to speak feeling like 'Class is in session' and laying a foundation for Metal from a Band who helped to pioneer it. You can only hear your first Iron Maiden album once and this was mine.
  • Artist: Pinkfloyd
    Record: Wish You Were Here
    I bought this record on the eve of my 22nd birthday, I was already an avid death metal listener back in 1996, but melodic death metal wasn't really mainstream back then. I was already a diehard fan of Atheist, Cynic and Death for their incredible technicity and unique metal genre. Crimson is a 40 minute single track produced and written by swedish producer Dan Swanö. It is special to me because it is a 40 minute long tale which transports you to so many different music genres like black metal, death, thrash, heavy, melodic, doom and gothic. To this day this epic track is still on my phone playlist, I can never get tired of it. When Chuck Schuldiner of Death tragically died in early 2000, Black Mark records pulled out a re-edition of this incredible piece on vinyl in Chuck's loving memory. Therefore, it makes this record even more special to me than ever.