• Artist: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
    Record: Chasing Yesterday
    I bought this record on the 10th of august, 2015. I remember it vividly because I was at the Summer Well festival in Bucharest. I had just bought a turntable and was in the works with putting together my audio system. Walking idly around the festival grounds, I ran across a pop-up record shop. I randomly took a look inside and there it was, staring at me. This beautiful striped record cover. I knew it by heart. I had listened to the album (released earlier that year), tens, maybe hundreds of times. I bought it then and there. I knew that for the first half of 2015, this had been the best selling vinyl record, not to mention that all his singles released on vinyl were also at the top. I had been a regular-level Oasis fan in my childhood and teenage years.

    Ever since I was maybe 8 years old, after school, I used to come home, turn the TV on MTV and watch all afternoon. Oasis, and especially ‘Wonderwall’, was on all the time back then. This was happening in a time when vinyl had gone downstream and even my father had stopped playing his vinyl collection. Everyone was switching to digital. Then, about ten years ago, things started to get really serious with me and music. I started digging really deep into the Oasis back catalogue and my love for the band turned from regular-level to down right obsessed. That was about the time they split up and formed NGHFB and BE.

    I’ve always been much more on the Noel side of things. Over time, he has become one of my top 3 songwriters. His music is beautiful. It is honest. It is raw. It is unpretentious. It soothes, it heals, it gives me hope and lets me dream. It lifts me up when life gets tough. It is pure rock and roll that has shaped generations and changed the history of music forever. He is one of my favourite humans!
  • Artist: Depeche Mode
    Record: Violator
    Depeche Mode has always been a massive part of my life, so my choice of record was easy. ‘Violator’ is truly a timeless record and the record that got me in to collecting vinyl. I fell in love with Depeche Mode the moment I saw the music video to ‘Enjoy The Silence’. I was mesmerized by the electronic beats that starts off the song and how beautifully Dave sings the song. Such a simple, yet brilliant song.

    My sister was working extra at a record store at that time so she got me ‘The Singles 86-98’ on CD and I would play it non stop. 8 years later I finally saw them live for the ‘Playing The Angel’ tour. It was almost unreal to hear ‘Enjoy The Silence’ live, and it certainly gave me goose bumps. Since then I've seen them 3 more times, but the first time is always special. A few years later I became friends with Martin through our mutual interest for music, and for my 25th birthday he bought me ‘Violator’ on vinyl. My first vinyl record! At that time I didn't even own a turntable but quickly purchased one, and started collecting vinyl records. But ‘Violator’ is obviously the most prized record in my collection.
  • Artist: Bjork
    Record: Bjork (77)
    Hi I'm The Bjork Collector. I've been a fan and collecting Björk's music for 24 years. Buying most of what I have as it was originally released. Over the years acquiring items online and record stores I have slowly collected at least one copy of every album Bjork has ever been a part of from Björk 77 to Tappi Tikarrass, Megas, KUKL, The Sugarcubes all of Björk's solo career to the last released Vulnicura Live Box, all in multiple formats 12", 10", 7", white label, CD, Cassette, Minidisc, promo and DVD. I continue to collect items, I don't have any new releases. I started my instagram page @thebjorkcollector in November, So far posting everything from Debut to the Surrounded box set. Follow me if you love Björk.
  • Artist: Luke Booga Ellis
    Record: Luke Booga Ellis
    I've collected vinyl since I was a kid. At the time it was cheaper to buy vinyl over CDs (I know, don't we all wish that was still the case!). I would get £1 every day for my school lunch. I would go hungry and use my weeks worth of lunch money to go crate digging in my local store. Anyways, I still love and go crate digging but my new favourite way to find new and interesting records is to browse the website bandcamp and check out bands/artists I stumble upon. I discovered these guys that way, and from the first song I was hooked. These records means so much to me and I would be lost without them. It would be easy to choose my most valuable record to share but these two EPs really excite me and remind me that taking a chance on something unknown can pay off in huge ways.
  • Artist: John Coltrane
    Record: A Love Supreme
    If there ever has been an album that is perfect from start to finish, ‘A Love Supreme’ has definitely earned that place. I was over the moon to find a French first press very cheap on an awesome summer night fleamarket a few years ago. Every time I spin it, I just cannot believe what an immaculate, hypnotizing and mesmerizing piece of art the quartet created here. This record basically opened the doors for my journey into Avantgarde and Spiritual Jazz. Even if I have a massive Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock, Hip Hop or Folk phase at some time, I always come back to this record on a regular basis.
  • Artist: Suede
    Record: Night Thoughts
    I'm a late 80's kid, and during the 90's I spent a lot of time trying to find my kind of music. The mainstream 90's wasn't actually "up my street" until my father played me the Coming Up album by Suede one day while we was having a road trip. It was like a musical epiphany. And Suede became my big favorite, and probably my musical 90's save! I bought all their albums, through the 90's and played them continuously. But as every childhood love-story, this one ends as well. And the end was after Suede released their sci-Fi lullabies in ‘97. I don't know why, but I kinda forgot them during the early 2000's. I heard a song or two now and then, but it didn't hit me as their earlier material.

    Now I spend some time blogging about music and posting pictures of my collection on Instagram. And through this media, I've met a lot of people to share my interest of music with. And it was through a chat on Instagram I was recommend to try out Suede's latest album Night Thoughts. I must say, I didn't even know they had released an album in 2016. So I got quite exited about this tip, and I went out and bought the record. And I must say, from the moment the pickup touched the record, I was caught. It was like the first time I heard Suede in my father’s car. It just sounded so good and so right. And I think this album is one of the best they've made. So that's the story of my rediscovery of Suede, and their "new" fantastic album Night Thoughts.