• Artist: Samael
    Record: Worship Him
    Worship Him is a Symphonic Black Metal masterpiece and is the best metal album I’ve ever heard. This album changed my perspective on the metal genre. Growing up, I had only listened to popular heavy metal and hard rock that was available through commercial radio. This was different. It was raw and dark...it led me to search for non-commercial and underground bands which resulted in my massive vinyl collection obsession today. Black Metal is not a trend, but if you appreciate real music, you should listen to this album.
  • Artist: John Coltrane
    Record: Blue Train
    'Blue Train' was the first jazz album that I listened to and I got captured into magical world of sound. I love to close my eyes and let the music take me on the esoteric trip to 50’. Those times seem so elegant and well mannered but still somehow exciting. The dialogs between instruments its really emotional, it seems like each one of them has its own story to tell. You cannot get bored with your ride on blue train even if you already remember most of the music part. It’s one of the biggest classic ever and its impact on contemporary music is crucial. This photo was taken as a part of our project with @magdalenawegner. The idea was to share my music inspiration, all the great albums that have influenced me as a songwriter, a singer, a person.
  • Artist: Black Sabbath
    Record: Black Sabbath
    I grew up as an only child spending a lot of time by myself, among my mother's books and my father's music. One day, I was about 10 or 11 years old, I decided to go through my father's records. I didn't know anything of those bands and musicians because they hadn't been played for so long, so the artwork in the sleeves were pretty much the only factor I had in choosing one to listen to. And of course, the one that stood out immediately was the first Black Sabbath. I was absolutely mesmerized by that cover. The somber landscape in dark tones, the strange figure wearing black - that looked sinister and yet strangely appealing. Like someone I wanted to get to know. So I just had to play it.

    I was very careful, as I knew vinyl records were fragile things one must respect and cherish. And very slowly I dropped the needle on this one. As that swirl started to move, to the rainy sounds and then Ozzy's metalic voice singing 'What is this that stands before me?', the hair in my arms immediately raised. And I was hooked for life. Maybe it was the swirl that got me hypnotized forever. Maybe it was the absolute crushing heavyness of Geezer's bass. Or that Iommi guitar unlike anything I had listened before - it was the early 90s after all, and the music on the radio was 'slightly' different.

    My english was in the very beginning, so I couldn't figure out all the words, but then came N.I.B.... "Wow, are they singing about Lucifer? And at the same time making me move to the song? And that inverted cross inside the gatefold? I like this. I like this a lot!" That day a loner girl found out where she belonged. And so this is my absolute most precious object, the very record that opened the gates for me, for all the metal tape trading that soon followed, and the exploring of everything heavy, musically. And all the good people that came along with music.
  • Artist: Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
    Record: Voyager (The Jugglers of Jusa)
    Sopor Aeternus is my absolute favorite band/project! This was the record in which I found the wonders of Anna's music, I believe back in 2001. The original release was on CD in 1997, and this edition is from 2012, released with it's companion "The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller (...)". 180g Audiophile vinyl, 20 page booklet, 1 poster, signed by Anna Varney Cantodea, limited to 396 copies! This record is a regular.. whenever I feel the need to get in that state of nostalgia.. to "travel" to a specific and quite depressive chapter of my life.. Well, I know this might seem sad or depressive, but it helps me. Every release from Sopor is a work of art, which suits the music. Dark, depressing, eerie.. beautiful! I have 27 albums in total from Sopor (some different editions form the same records), but only 3 are vinyl.. These are hard to find at a reasonable price! I'm quite obsessed with Sopor Aeternus ;)
  • Artist: Guns N Roses
    Record: Use Your Illusion II
    When I was in second grade, my parents bought me a compact stereo. Until than I had listened to some of their records or my stash of children's cassettes and my Michael Jackson - 'Bad' cassette.

    Along with the stereo came a CD with a blue cover and on the back there were pistols and blood. I don't know why my parents chose this one, but I am grateful. When I listened to Use Your Illusion II a whole new world opened for me. This music was so loud and brash, yet so catchy. From that day on it was very clear that my favorite kind of music would have a good guitar riff and heavy drumming in it.

    Sure I have months were I mostly listen to rap or jazz or whatever, but I'll always come back to those rock, punkrock, hardrock, metal etc bands. There's just nothing like it. This record stayed with me 'till this day, the CD was eventually changed into the vinyl, which had become hella expensive over the course of time and I still listen to the album on a regular basis. Finally this year, 25 years after I first heard these songs, I had the chance to see GNR live in concert, and despite my fears of them being to old or only in it for the money, it was one of the best shows I ever attended.

    So I guess this is where it all began for me. Before I got that record I sure liked music, but after this one it became a passion, which eventually led to this big collection of records. Thank you Mom and Dad.
  • Artist: New Order
    Record: Technique
    I love everything about this record. The sleeve is perfection, designed by the great Peter Saville. It was in fact the reason why this album was late however, delayed from a late 1988 release to the end of January 1989. I was a 17 year old schoolboy at the time and already a huge fan of this iconic band. The wait was intense but well worth it and I purchased the record on release day in my adopted hometown of Macclesfield, UK, (hometown of Stephen Morris; the drummer). For me the music itself is the perfect fusion of rock and dance. It evokes feelings of hot summer days even though it was essentially a winter record. It hasn't dated in my eyes and I can listen to it at any time and feel totally at home with myself. A glowing recommendation for any record!