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Album Review: Turtle – Human

We take a look at Turtle’s newest record on vinyl, and with it comes all the inspiration and guile you’d expect from this powerful artist. Jon Cooper, the Glaswegian producer and sound sorcerer known as Turtle, first sprang to attention

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Album Review: John foxx, Harold Budd & Ruben Garcia – ‘Nighthawks’, ‘Translucence & Drift Music’

We take a look at the new vinyl box set for these 3 ambient artists, to discover if they work together as a whole on their first time in the format. Three ambient artists, three LP’s. What more could you

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Review: Underworld – Beaucoup Fish (Reissue)

We take a look at the new Underworld Beuacoup Fish reissue to see if it’s stood the test of time after almost 18 years since it’s release. If you’re looking to Britain’s 90s music scene, you’re mind immediately turns to

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Book Review: Why Vinyl Matters

Along with the unexpected revival of vinyl comes the question, why has this happened? And what better people to ask than the musicians and vinyl enthusiasts themselves? Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, author of Why Vinyl Matters, fills a book full of

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Abbey Road Album Playback: Brian Eno’s Early Works

Vinyl Chapters gets an invite to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to listen to the new half-speed remastered recordings of Brian Eno’s early works. Of course we said yes! As I walk past the myriad of tourists waltzing along the

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Review: Mura Masa – Mura Masa

On his highly anticipated, self-titled debut album, the Guernsey-born, London-based producer known as Mura Masa – 21-year-old Alex Crossan – has conjured a cohesive record that skilfully reconciles a star-studded mix-tape sensibility with the ingenious flow of an old-fashioned, album-style

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5 Ways To Transform Your Unwanted Vinyl

Vinyl Chapters writer Poppy Scarlett takes an unconventional look at different ways to transform your unwanted vinyl that you never thought possible. Dig out those damaged records or the ones you don’t listen to anymore and give these a go!  

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Album Review: Luca D’Alberto – Endless

We take a look at the Italian composer’s debut record, and delve into the modern classical sounds of a rising star. Traditional wisdom has it that the classical music industry is in terminal decline, beset by an ageing demographic and cultural marginalisation,

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Album Review: Jen Gloeckner – VINE

Jen Gloeckner returns with 3rd album VINE, treating us to an eclectic mix of styles and tastes. Music can take you on a journey: physically if you enjoy festivals or working out to your favourite high-energy tracks, or mentally as

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I haven’t been listening to any music lately. What’s up?

Have you been struggling to listen to music lately? Read on to hear about one of our writer’s thoughts on this, and ways you can get back to your happy place! Have you been asking yourself recently, “what’s been inspiring me?” Are you struggling

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