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5 Ways To Transform Your Unwanted Vinyl

Vinyl Chapters writer Poppy Scarlett takes an unconventional look at different ways to transform your unwanted vinyl that you never thought possible. Dig out those damaged records or the ones you don’t listen to anymore and give these a go!  

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Review: Ryan Adams – Prisoner

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams returns with his 16th solo effort, drawing on his recent break-up to fuel his emotionally charged songs. Can you believe Ryan Adams in on his 16th album? Time flies when you’re an indie-pop, country, folk, rock superstar.

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My Vietnamese Vinyl Adventure

Recently I took a two-week trip to Vietnam. I’ve been desperate to visit for ages, hearing only good things about the country’s friendly people, its amazing scenery and a rich but troubled history. As I’m always up for a bit

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Cheap Vinyl: 5 Places To Find Those Bargain Records

Everyone likes a bargain, and there’s nothing better than stumbling across a cheap vinyl record that you’ve had your eye on for a while. With the rising prices of Vinyl due to its recent surge in popularity, it’s good to

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Your Bass or Mine: An Appreciation of the Bass Player


When it comes to bands, a lot of people tend to forget how important the bass is. There are always the usual jokes about the bassist being the un-cool one with no personality (a theory I heavily disagree with, being

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Why You Should Listen To Albums In Full


In this fast-paced world, instant gratification has become somewhat ingrained into our society. You can stream films and music in seconds, laze around your house whilst your favourite meal is delivered to you in minutes, or use the internet to

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Vinyl Chapters: The Start Of Your Stories Behind The Music


Welcome to my brand new website, Vinyl Chapters. It’s been a hectic few months for me, getting this idea up and running and seeing it become reality. I’ve had all the ups and downs you’d associate with building a new

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