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  • Artist: Judas Priest.
Record: Unleashed in the East.
"I've liked Metal and Hard Rock since I was a child, but in my youth I mostly listened
to Dance and Techno.
One day my father bought this LP on a Flea market, I didn't know Judas Priest
before, but we listened to the Record together and I was fascinated.
I was touched by the aggressive sound and the pressured voice of Rob
Halford. Such a heavy sound I had never heard before.
The whole album is a favourite of mine and every song is great in its own way.
It was one of the records which brought me finally to Metal Music, and Vinyl too.
'Unleashed in the East' was one of the first records on Vinyl that I held in my
hands, so this Album will always be a special one for me, and one of the best live
records of my collection." #vinyl #vinylcollection #music #records #vinyladdict #vinyljunkie #recordcollection #vinylcollector  #vinylgram #vinylcommunity #instavinyl #vinylrecords #record #recordcollector #nowspinning  #vinylporn #nowplaying #lp #vinyligclub #rpm #albumcover #vinyloftheday  #hardrock  #audiophile #turntable #vinylchapters #judaspriest