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  • Artist: Slayer.
Record: South of Heaven.
"As a teenager, I loved what Slayer stood for. They aligned so fiercely against society’s often corrupted, self-proclaimed powers of good, and championed in their imagery and lyrics the exact fictitious elements those powers used to induce fear into others. Owning their music was like a statement. It was like an awakening, a proclamation of my personal freedom and independent thought. I
remember keeping a cd copy of 'South of Heaven' in my locker in grade nine, and just feeling like an absolute bad-ass knowing it was there at my fingertips. Slayer bridged the gap between the modern metal I loved and my father’s older
metal favourites. Going to their concerts showed me at a young age that metal fans are the nicest group of people you’ll meet. They are so often bold, proud, creative and fair, all qualities that I’ve learned to associate with those I respect most. As an adult, my adoration is more challenged by the negative and sometimes upsetting associations Slayer has on certain listeners, but I know that it is all just harmless fun- harmless, but deeply meaningful fun. Thanks to @thegrapevinyl for this fantastic Vinyl Chapter!  #vinyl #vinylcollection #music #records #vinyladdict #vinyljunkie #recordcollection #vinylcollector #vinylgram #vinylcommunity #instavinyl #vinylrecords #record #recordcollector #nowspinning  #vinylporn #nowplaying #lp #vinyligclub #33rpm #albumcovers #vinyloftheday #rock #rock #metal #audiophile #turntable #slayer #vinylchapters