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Abbey Road Album Playback: Brian Eno’s Early Works

Vinyl Chapters gets an invite to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to listen to the new half-speed remastered recordings of Brian Eno’s early works. Of course we said yes! As I walk past the myriad of tourists waltzing along the

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I haven’t been listening to any music lately. What’s up?

Have you been struggling to listen to music lately? Read on to hear about one of our writer’s thoughts on this, and ways you can get back to your happy place! Have you been asking yourself recently, “what’s been inspiring me?” Are you struggling

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New Wave: Through My Mother’s Eyes and Ears…

Poppy Scarlett takes a look back though new wave, and how music stays with us through the interaction of generations. As I write this article I quickly switch from listening to The Jam, A Town Called Malice to the bright,

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Record Store Day: How Good Is It For The Record Industry?

Michael Sumsion takes a look back at the most recent record store day, and sums up the good and bad points of the now global yearly event. That whirlwind of the musical social calendar, Record Store Day, has come and

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Nina Simone – Another Spring

As winter sheds its pall and the rejuvenation of springtime’s bloom takes hold, I’ve been moved to dig out a slew of old Nina Simone albums from my collection, particularly her much-admired And Piano! set from 1969. A commercial flop recorded at the

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This Is Just A Tribute: Mystical Energy At My First Gig

Jared Parson’s looks back at the gig that introduced him to the power of live performances and how music can change young lives. When I was growing up, my dad would always be seriously joking about these “real bands” that

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Primal Scream – Screamadelica: The Record That Changed My Life

Michael Sumsion takes a look back at Primal Scream’s acclaimed record Screamadelica, and how it changed the way he viewed music and the record industry in general. Back in the autumn of 1991, British indie guitar pop resided in its

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A Guide To Buying Vinyl As A Christmas Gift

With the recent resurgence in vinyl, records are going to be on many people’s Christmas list this year. If you know someone who loves their records but don’t know where to begin when buying vinyl as a Christmas gift, this article is

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The Beauty Of The Record Sleeve: Why They Matter

We look at why record sleeves are so important to the music, and why everyone should pay more attention to them. With the resurgence of Vinyl, it’s not only the music that’s being discovered again in a larger format, but

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Halloween Playlist: Keep The Party Going With These Ghoulish Tracks!

We run down some of the best songs for your Halloween playlist, including the classics, the strange and the brilliant. Halloween is nearly upon us, so we’re sharing with you our picks of some of the best scare-mongering tracks that

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