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Review: Elza – Nothing’s wrong

Elza hits us with her full-length debut Nothing’s wrong, full of 90s influences, interesting ideas and a strong work ethic that’s really paid off. The 90s are a decade with a ridiculous amount of good music. From indie classics to

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Review: Heather Gruber – Dance Into The Desert

Heather Gruber is set to release debut album Dance Into The Desert, and with it brings a record full of contrasts between happy music set against sad undertones. Being in this ever-changing digital age has allowed the music industry to flex and

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Review: Jared Weiss – Isolated Thunderstorms

New record Isolated Thunderstorms from Jared Weiss is a glimpse into the singers current mental space that at times is unnerving, and others full of sheer brilliance. Jared Weiss created Isolated Thunderstorms to set the record straight; he’s in pain

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Review: The Goldwyn Experiment – Avenue B

We take a listen to new record Avenue B from The Goldwyn Experiment, and with it feel the sweet barrage of music free from direction. Being in more than one band can help creativity flourish as you strive towards a

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Review: Ajay Mathur – Little Boat

The Grammy-nominated musician Ajay Mathur returns with new record Little Boat, which takes on a few extra passengers for its journey. Variety is the spice of life, and that’s certainly apparent in Ajay Mathur’s music. Being raised in India and

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Review: Monique Angele – Alive

Monique Angele returns with new record Alive featuring both classical and pop elements that help bring her music up to the next level. It’s always good when you find an artist that’s passionate and brave enough to follow their own

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Review: Nocturnal Animals – Writing On The Walls

Nocturnal Animals aim for Indie-pop rock perfection with new record Writing On The Walls, bringing in influences from early noughties bands to tailor their sound. It’s not easy being an indie-rock band these days. In the 90s, anyone with a

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Review: Neurotix – Save Me

Neurotix release their first full-length album Save Me, full of grunge punk tracks that will remind you of the early 90s, ripped jeans and baggy jumpers. Lead singer and guitarist Dominic Tonozzi didn’t play music for around 10 years, before

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Review: Patrick Grant – FIELDS AMAZE and other sTrange music

Patrick Grant Re-releases FIELDS AMAZE, now featuring “other sTrange music” on Peppergreen Media, reminding us how bizarre and unique music can be. If you listen to the radio for too long, you can get a feeling of the generic –

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Review: The Slang – Desperate Times EP

The Slang return with new EP Desperate Times, and with it bring a taste of Nashville sporadically littered throughout the tracks against an indie-rock backdrop. One of the things the Slang have prided themselves on is recording in different cities

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